When fourteen-year-old Shaq is stabbed outside of a busy shopping centre in Manchester, three teenagers from very different walks of life are unexpectedly brought together. What follows flips their worlds upside down and makes Chantelle, Jackson, and Marc question the deep-rooted prejudice and racism that exists within the police, the media, and the rest of society.

I absolutely loved Danielle’s debut so was excited to read this. What a voice in fiction!

This was read in one afternoon as I had lots of sitting on transport happening. She is a beautiful,emotive storyteller writing about important issues.

Hard hitting ,powerful and insightful.

Its a ya book but I think everyone would enjoy and need to read this .

Made me angry ,frustrated and tearful. Her characters have stayed with me days on so it definitely impacted me.

Highly recommend and I wish her every success with this book.

Published 31st March

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