Two best friends

Elizabeth and Bryony are polar opposites but their unexpected friendship has always worked. They’re the best of friends, and godmothers to each other’s daughters – because they both trust that the safety of their children is their top priority.

One little secret

Little do they know that they differ radically over one very important issue. And when Bryony, afraid of being judged, tells what is supposed to be a harmless white lie before a child’s birthday party, the consequences are more catastrophic than either of them could ever have imagined.

Every parent’s worst nightmare . . .

Wow what a book this is. Thought provoking and moral questioning. I raced through this very apt and timely read.

As parents our priorities are our children’s safety,health and happiness. We make mistakes because we are human but what happens when your decision presents consequences for others?

My children are both autistic so that added a extra layer to this story.

Insightful,sensitively written ,clever and fascinating book.

A great exploration of our flaws and mentality surrounding hard hitting topics.

Highly recommend.