Facing the fear …..



So I did something today ,not something huge but a fear none the less. I the  went to cinema on my own for the first time !! Its something ive always felt funny and scared of doing on my own and stucj with going with kids .However Estelle des lots with her frieds now and lynx isn’t keen on going due to social anxieties. I was finding myself getting Frustrated at these films coming out and not being able to watch them. But hang on im a adult ,I do lots on my own and cope so why not go and see that film.

I put a tweet out and got lots of encouragement and I ahd also seen a video  and read a blog that Lucy Robinson whos a great author had done about facing fear and it really inspired me .

I survived ,loved the film and felt liberated because I had set a goal and done it …will I do it again? YES!!

This has also made me think of other fears I have …..

I feel very positive and so proud of myself for achieving this .



Dorothy Must Die Graphic 1ImageDorothy Must Die Graphic 3


Oz has turned into a savage dystopia under Dorothy s rule and now a new girl from Kansas must take her down. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz meets Kill Bill in this edgy, fast-paced fantasy adventure. Somewhere over the rainbow…something has gone terribly wrong. A twister has hit Kansas again, and this time it whisks away a girl named Amy Gumm. At first, Amy is thrilled to have left her trailer park life behind. But instead of the magical land where troubles melt like lemon drops that she knows from the books and the movies, she discovers the place has been destroyed. And it s all Dorothy s fault. Amy soon joins up with the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked a group of deposed witches and warlocks who are determined to end Dorothy s oppressive reign, and who need Amy’s help. They teach her the secrets of witchcraft and combat and then they give her an impossible mission: steal back the Tin Woodman s heart, the Scarecrow s brain, and the Lion s courage. And when she s done, Dorothy must die. Perfect for fans of Marissa Meyer and Gregory Maguire, this gripping, action-packed debut puts a fierce and compelling new spin on a beloved classic. Debut author Danielle Paige transforms the lush land of Oz that we all know and love into an edgy world where nothing is ever what it seems.
This was my first book from Harper 360 I was sent to review and I was so thrilled and excited ,so a huge thanks to Justine for sending me it . I adore the cover and it just intrigued me so when it arrived I was dying to get started however….my daughter come home school and stole it!!! She whizzed through and loved it , and is already wanting to download the prequel .It was carried everywhere with her and her school friends loved the look of it so she will be spreading the word.
Once she had finished I could enjoy it. I really enjoyed it ,a modern twist on a classic and I love the dystopian setting to it. It was edgy gruesome in some parts and really different.
The way it has been written is incredibly clever ,I did find at times it was maybe too descriptive and long winded but maybe that’s my older brain .
It makes you think and question what is good and bad…I saw wicked the musical last year which I loved and again proves the story isn’t always as it seems .
I didn’t like the ending ,both me and Estelle felt cheated however you can see the aim of doing that .
 A fresh modern dark take on a classic fairytale that can be enjoyed by teenagers and their mums 😉
This is released on July 4th and you can buy it here http://amzn.to/1p9DNuD
   Watch the trailer here (10,000 views!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbKJoaSWAFc
Check out the Facebook page (10,000 likes!) https://www.facebook.com/dorothymustdie

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Scars. We all carry them. Some are mere scratches. Others run deeper.

At a school rife with bullying, Will and his best friend Luke are involved in a horrific incident that results in Luke leaving.

Twenty-five years later their paths cross again and memories of Will’s painful childhood come flooding back to haunt him. His wife, Harmony, who is struggling after a miscarriage that has hit her hard, wishes Will would open up about his experiences. But while Will withdraws further, she finds herself drawn to the charismatic stranger from her husband s past, and soon all three are caught in a tangled web of guilt, desire, betrayal and revenge.

Firstly a huge thank you to Amanda who kindly sent me a copy which included a signed card .I was due to meet her on Thursday but unforeseen circumstances prevented that but least now I have the opportunity to tell her face to face if I do that her book was amazing!!!!!

I had seen so many fellow book bloggers raving about it  so was really intrigued and il b honest the cover didn’t give much away I didn’t think . T his only added to my curiosity !

I picked this book up and literally didn’t put down till I finished …I couldn’t I was sucked in submerged into a world of Amanda’s writing.

I actually have a headache I was that focused and involved …. this book grabs you and your hooked. The intensity of the storyline and the characters  is chilling and gripping .

It shows how when you don’t deal with childhood trauma and issues it can affect how you function as an adult .I studied psychology for many years so human behaviour and thoughts fascinate me and I loved learning about Freud and he would have had a lot to say about childhood and the links to problems in later life .

I loved how it was mixed narrative and the flow of the story.

This is an addictive ,dark passionate and unforgettable read .

Whether ive done this book justice in this review I don’t know but just go read !!!




This was first  shown on BBC 3 Monday 23rd June however I didn’t watch it then as knew this would affect me deeply and wouldn’t sleep. With things like this I take advantage of having catch up and record facility so I can pause and watch any time usually during day when kids at school .

This is based on the true story of a 21 year old who after years of emotional and physical abuse was killed by her boyfriend, I think its knowing this makes it that more dramatic.

Over the years I have seen a lot of tv and films use domestic abuse as a storyline  and of course they each in different ways have a emotional impact but this was something else .This is the most realistic emotional and harrowing portrayal of domestic abuse ad this is from someone who’s life was dominated by it for 8 years.

This programme managed to convey all those little emotions and scenarios that build up to those slammed doors and at worse neck being grabbed . I cried and cried so much for the lady who lost her life ,for the women still suffering and for the part of me that I will never get back as a result of this abuse .

So many people question why do they stay ? why do they take them back? If you have ever asked this then you need …HAVE to watch this because this will give you a deeper understanding .

The acting and writing was amazing and defiantly needs an award for this emotional and powerfully accurate piece of drama .






From reluctant bridesmaid, to accidental mother.


Tamsyn Thorne has not been back to her home town of Poldore for five long years.


But now her brother, Ruan, is about to get married and she has no excuses left.


Her plans to arrive in Cornwall looking chic and successful are dashed when a huge storm turns her from fashion goddess to a drowned rat. Worse, she ends up insulting the local hunky vicar – and then finds a tiny baby abandoned in his churchyard.

Firstly thanks to Amelia Harvell at ebury publishing for sending me a copy to review. I am a huge Rowan Coleman fan as ive expressed on here and twitter ,so when I recently discovered she was also Scarlett bailey I was very excited !! I mean I mean seriously how talented is this woman ! I know I have read Scarletts work but not sure exact which ones so I couldn’t remember if I had read the other book based  in Poldore. I wasn’t sure if I needed to read this first ,but regardless this was a highly enjoyable book.

I loved the main character Tamsyn Thorne,she returns to her home town as one woman and by the end of the book is quite another .Through a series of events we see her guard come down and her heart melt by the help of a hunky vicar and a cute newborn baby . This is a story of family ,love and community spirit and about finding our destiny which is often in the last place we wold expect.

I ended this saying aww really loud and my daughter said  did you enjoy that mum lol .

A great summer read 🙂 x



They say you know instinctively who to trust.


Alice is normal; she’d never do anything rash. But when she sees her husband one day with a younger girl, she knows at once that he’s having an affair. And it must be stopped.


Vic loves her friend Michael, more than he knows. He wants happiness, and thinks he’s found it with the magnetic Estella. But Vic feels sure she can’t be trusted – and she needs to make Michael see that too.


They don’t know Kaya; her life is tougher than they can imagine. But Kaya’s a survivor, and she’s determined to find a way out of her miserable world.


Three women, three lives that come crashing together in this dark, lyrical and utterly enthralling story of warped perceptions, female intuition and ‘the other woman’.


Firstly thank you  to Elizabeth Masters from Headline books via Boookbridgr for sending me a review copy.

I haven’t heard of this author before and I think as a avid bookworm its important to step into the unknown . This is a extremely intelligent writing style ,possibly slightly intimidating to me . There was lots of big and beautiful words which I felt overcomplicated the storyline.

I didn’t connect with the characters much except from Kaya who hasn’t had it easy but I think was ultimately trying to better herself.

Unfortunately I had to have a break within reading this due to health reasons so took me twice as long to finish.

Wasn’t my cup of tea however the storyline was cleverly played out with a good mix of characters.

This is due to be released on 3rd July



Maddy, dressed in white, stands at the back of the church. At the end of the aisle is Rob – the man she’s about to marry. Next to Rob is Ben – best man and the best friend any two people ever had.


And that’s the problem.


Because if it wasn’t Rob waiting for her at the altar, there’s a strong chance it would be Ben. Loyal and sensitive Ben has always kept his feelings to himself, but if he turned round and told Maddy she was making a mistake, would she listen? And would he be right?


Best friends since childhood, Maddy, Ben and Rob thought their bond was unbreakable. But love changes everything. Maddy has a choice to make but will she choose wisely? Her heart, and the hearts of the two best men she knows, depend on it…


I love billy and me which was a huge debut hit for Giovanna so I was so excited to read this book. I couldn’t find it anywhere near me to buy so again my library came to the rescue…love libraries!

The cover of this is beautiful and eye catching .

I have had a good run of great books and this one didn’t disappoint ,I read within a day and thoroughly enjoyed it .

Reading the narrative of Ben and Maddy gave a greater insight into the relationships and situations.

I loved Ben and was quite angry at Maddy at times but I think that was jealousy for her having not one but two great handsome men in her life.

This book tells of a unbreakable friendship, unrequited love ,betrayal  and growing up .

I will admit I was disappointed with the ending but at least it wasn’t a predictable storyline .

A great read and look forward to reading more of her books 🙂





After years of trying, Amy Alwood and James Coffrey have finally been accepted into the adoption process. At long last they are going to get their ‘happy ever after’. Then – out of nowhere – a dark secret is revealed, which changes everything. Amy throws herself into her work to distract herself. Her new client, Rohan Bywater, is certainly keeping her on her toes. He’s frustrating, lives on the edge…and she can’t stop thinking about him. He’s very clear on one thing though: kids are not part of his future. Amy is torn – does she follow her heart and let the thing she wants most slip away, or carry on with a lie and live with the consequences.


Firstly thank you to Shane at cherish pr and mills and boon for sending me this review copy . I haven’t read her first book but I sure will now ! I loved loved this book so much I read it within a day ,it was read everywhere. Within the first chapter I was hooked .

It completely exceeded my expectations and I was drawn in and captured by her writing .

Brilliant storyline and I really connected with the characters especially Rohan who I just swooned hard for.He was charming ,handsome but also sensitive due to his past which is similar to mine .

I was rooting for Amy especially for her sense to kick in regarding her partner.

Really enjoyed this book and made me smile a lot .

Published 20th June






This ISN’T a book about babies. It’s not about sleepless nights, nappies or nurseries. It IS about two people, one unexpected pregnancy and a question . . .

Viv and Max were best friends for years, then they were lovers and then it all went wrong.

Now finally they are to be reunited. Viv feels sick. Not just with nerves at seeing Max again, but because there’s a small chance she might . . . quite possibly . . . most definitely . . . be pregnant.

It’s thrilling. But also terrifying. Most of the time they can hardly look after themselves, let alone a baby.

And then Viv’s estranged mother reappears on the scene and they all end up sharing a bedsit …an hell breaks loose.


I recently read ,loved and reviewed Never google heartbreak by this fantastic author ,review is here  https://charlenejess.wordpress.com/2014/05/16/book-review-never-google-heartbreak-by-emma-garcia/. So I was thrilled to hear a sequel was coming out which my library had .

I have had 2 late nights reading this as its just brilliant.

Its funny and was excellent to catch up with viv and max,my love for max grew even more. Despite it being a funny book  it also features serious issues and one of them enabled me to connect with viv .Her abandonment issues and her relationship with her mum. There were moments you wanted her to tell her mum to do one but I could understand so well why she wouldn’t.

But her love for her mum risks her relationship with max.

There were heart warming moments and in particular when max makes viv a card and in it says



Great sequel and I really enjoy emmas writing ….so write more please !


what a week

Well im going to write this while I have the peace and time . Now lynx is sleeping (heaven ) and Estelle is much better (not coughing ) lol shes back in her on bedroom tonight .

The last few weeks have been pretty crap really due to illness etc however last week was just something you would predict to watch on eastenders.Sometimes I feel my life is one big episode?? 

I found out that my ex the kids dad had reported me to social services with false accusations. This isn’t the first time he has done this ,for some reason his main objective in life is to make my life difficult. Each time he does this I have to be questioned and its bloody horrible .My kids are my world and he knows how to get to me .

Im not going to go into it in great detail  but needless to say my emotions have been all over place .

On top of that Estelle has been ill for over 2 weeks ,which led me to take her to hospital where we was for over 5 hours .It was very worrying at one point but in the end im glad to say it was just a bad virus and a chest infection .With new antibiotics she started improving within 24 hours …thank god!!!

It was also lynxs birthday which kind of took a back seat which led to feelings of guilt on my behalf.His plans have been postponed ,however he was so gracious and happy 🙂 LOVE HIM !!

So anyone who read my erratic tweets last week that was what was happening ,its never going to ever be completely drama free but im twice the woman I was now and he cant beat me .

So yes its fathers day and I will forever be thankful and resect him for giving me 2 beautiful children ,I can not wish him happy fathers day .  I don’t have a dad, well I actually have 2 but hey long story .I have none in my life so its one of those days in my eyes .

Here’s to a fresh week where both kids are at school and Estelle and I are going to Wembley on Saturday !  I am going to take them for a  meal tomorrow after school as a late birthday treat .