It’s funny how one innocent decision can ruin your life. For me it was letting my son pedal away on his bike that hot summer day. He’d been so excited to go out by himself—like a big boy. And though I was usually so protective, I let him…

When Carla returns to her father’s house to care for him in his final days, she feels lost and heartbroken. So she’s glad when she meets a kindly older woman named CeCe, and they develop a warm, natural friendship. CeCe understands loss too. Because nearly forty years before her only son disappeared without trace, from this same small town.

Then, sorting through her father’s house, Carla discovers a box of diaries and newspaper clippings from the year CeCe’s son went missing. Her father was barely more than a child himself at the time, but it’s clear the disappearance affected him strongly.

The whole town is haunted by the memory of that summer: of the boy who was never found. But as Carla delves further into her father’s past she realises he may actually have known more than he has ever said—and that perhaps the answers CeCe so desperately seeks have been hidden here in this house all along.

With her father now too ill to tell his story himself, will Carla be able to discover the truth about what happened to the child who vanished—and give CeCe the answers she’s been seeking for forty years?

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley and sorry for the delay.

This is a psychological thriller that has you hooked straight away and will have you trying to dot all the dots along the way.

A father on his death bed , a long history of sadness and pain ..what do you do,do you say goodbye despite all the past?

Thought provoking, unpredictable and chilling .

A great read about a towns murky past which is about to be resurfaced in a huge way!


Addie and her sister are about to embark on an epic road trip to a friend’s wedding in rural Scotland. The playlist is all planned and the snacks are packed.

But, not long after setting off, a car slams into the back of theirs. The driver is none other than Addie’s ex, Dylan, who she’s avoided since their traumatic break-up two years earlier.

Dylan and his best mate are heading to the wedding too, and they’ve totalled their car, so Addie has no choice but to offer them a ride. The car is soon jam-packed full of luggage and secrets, and with four-hundred miles ahead of them, Dylan and Addie can’t avoid confronting the very messy history of their relationship…

Will they make it to the wedding on time? And, more importantly, is this really the end of the road for Addie and Dylan?

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. I have loved all of her other books and apologies in my delay in reading .

I raced through this and left feeling uplifted and smiling . Beth is a great writer who creates characters you connect with instantly and the reader becomes invested in their story .

Funny,witty, warm and life affirming . Written In alternate narratives and timelines so the reader gets a picture of what’s happening from more than one perspective . I always enjoy reading from a male narrative too and feel it can really enhance a storyline .

Exs ,friends and a long road trip what coud possibly go wrong….

I loved it and already looking forward to her next book .



When Alice’s father dies after a tragic hit and run, his death stirs up unanswered questions about her childhood. Who was her mother, why did her father never speak of the past, and why can’t she remember anything before the age of seven?


But when she receives an anonymous letter containing a photograph of a refurbished gothic guesthouse surrounded by water, and an invitation to stay, old memories fight to resurface.

Alice has visited before. She is certain of it.


Convinced the clues to her past lie at the hotel, she checks in. But once on the island, a wild storm rages, waves crash violently into the rocks, and the house is cut off by the roaring sea.

Then two guests are found dead. And the hotel owner is missing. Will Alice ever uncover her secret past?

And will anyone leave the island alive?

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. I’ve recently read a book from her and another author which was fantastic

This is a eerie creepy book thst leaves you unnerved and haunted.

Family secrets and lies are about to be revealed in a big way. Alice’s life is about to be changed completely…

Disturbing and chilling this is a interesting book . It explores grief,love and loss and the aftermath of that.

Fast paced and will have you turning the pages to discover the spooky truth…

Published 14th October


It’s New Year’s Eve and the stage is set for a lavish party in one of Edinburgh’s best postcodes. It’s a moment for old friends to set the past to rights – and move on.

The night sky is alive with fireworks and the champagne is flowing. But the celebration fails to materialise.

Because someone at this party is going to die tonight.

Midnight approaches and the countdown begins – but it seems one of the guests doesn’t want a resolution.

They want revenge.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley.  I LOVE this author and her books are fantastic.

A story of friendship, revenge love and loss.

Tense and foreboding as we reach new years eve . We know something happened in the past and something is going to happen ..but what exactly?? Who is Linda and why now is her name being mentioned?

Unpredictable and very clever. Thought provoking and incredibly relevant in today’s society.

Twisty and thrilling which is everything we have come to expect from a Harriet Tyce book. Highly recommend if you enjoy a page turner that will have you reading into the early hours.

Published 14th April



I had the perfect life – a nice house, a loving husband, a beautiful little boy.

But in one devastating night, they were all ripped from me.

It’s been fourteen years, and I’m finally ready to face the past.

I’m taking my son back.

He just can’t know who I am…or why we were torn apart.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. This is a fantastic debut and I raced through it this evening.

Gripping and addictive this is a psychological thriller that’s fast paced and thought provoking.

Sensitively written as the concept of care and adoption are explored .

Packed with tension and a sense of foreboding the reader knows there’s big reveals coming in all directions.

This had me hooked . Do people especially parents deserve a second chance? Can people change? Thought provoking and compelling

Published 27th August and I’ll definitely be keeping a eye on her future books!


Numbness floods my body as I stumble up the steps leading to my house. Inside I know my five-year-old’s bed is empty, her dresser is ransacked, her overnight bag is gone. I can see her dolls lying untouched through the window of our perfect family home – in the place where I thought I could protect her forever. My daughter is missing.

You’d think my first instinct would be to call the police.

But I know who’s taken my daughter.

And I know that the police can’t help me.

Only I can convince the woman who has my baby to give her back. She thinks she knows my secrets… but she has no idea.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley.  This is a new author for me and I’d definitely be picking up more of her books.

I raced through this in one go and loved it!

Cleverly plotted and written in a way that ensures you are hooked to the last page.

Everyone has a secret to hide and each has the power to change everything.  Great characters all flawed in their own way .

A psychological thriller that examines revenge ,jealously,friendships and love . Packed with twists and turns this is a exciting and gripping read .

Published 23rd August


Jenny Tanner opens the box she has cherished for decades. Contained within are her most precious mementoes, amongst them a pebble, a carving and a newspaper cutting she can hardly bear to read. But Jenny knows the time is finally here. After the war, in a mountainside village in Italy, she left behind a piece of her heart. However painful, she must return to Cinque Alberi. And lay the past to rest.

After a troubled upbringing, Candice Barnes dreams of a future with the love of her life – but is he the man she believes him to be? When Candice is given the opportunity to travel to Italy with Jenny, she is unaware the trip will open her eyes to the truth she’s been too afraid to face. Could a place of goodbyes help her make a brave new beginning?

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review. I’ve read a few of her previous books and loved them.

Kathryn is a beautiful storyteller and captures both your heart and imagination. This is a emotive,powerful and life affirming story on love,loss,friendship and second chances.

This blew me away in all honesty with all the revelations. I’d like to thank Kathryn for capturing the essence of a unhealthy relationship so sensitively. Speaking as someone who’s been in Candices shoes .

Through a unlikely friendship they each find the courage to reflect on the past bit also face the future.

I highly recommend this book .

Published 11th November


You trust her with your home, your husband, your baby… but she is about to destroy it all.

Sophy Pemberton is struggling to cope with the pressures of becoming a new mother. Her nine-month-old son never settles in her arms and the unrelenting tiredness from late night feeds is all consuming.

So, when Liv Granger from the mother and baby group offers her services as a nanny, Sophy is overcome with relief. Now she can finally get some sleep…She can stop failing at being a mother.

But Liv has a secret.

She didn’t become Sophy’s nanny by accident.

And Sophy has no idea who she has let into her home.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley.

I raced through this !

An amazing exciting psychological thriller that leaves you wanting more.

Cleverly written and fast paced this is thought provoking and addictive read. Packed with twists and turns and completely unpredictable.

You thinj you know which way its going then you’re shocked with a new revelation.

Chilling ,gripping and I highly recommend.


Two strangers meet on the pierOnly one walks away…

Screenwriter Caroline Byrne is desperate to know why her daughter Jessica died, murdered in Stratford when she was supposed to be at a friend’s in Somerset.

When Caroline discovers the messages Jessica had been sending a boy named Michael, she realises it’s because of him. Because he failed to meet her that day.

He’s the reason why her daughter is dead.

And so she makes a choice. He’s the one who’s going to pay.

That is her promise. Her price.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. I have really enjoyed his previous books so was looking forward to this

I raced through this tonight. It’s packed with twists, turns and revelations .

Fast paced with a lot going on but at the root of the story is a grieving mother and the lengths she will go for answers .

Unpredictable and thought provoking this is a cleverly written psychological thriller.

It you’re new to his books I highly recommend .

Complex characters and a gripping plot this will have you reading till you know the truth.

Published 11th November