Book review : The one plus one

I wasn’t going to do this prior to me moving on Monday but don’t want to get too busy and forget . It’s fresh in my head and heart after finishing earlier tonight .

The one plus one by jojo moyes
Published 27th February 2014

I was very lucky to win a advance copy on goodreads ,It come as a pair so I have the other one to my sister who I think will love it !

I can’t remember if I have read any of her other work but I know now after reading this I will be !

It tells us the story of Jess a single mum holding down 2jobs with 2kids and shows us her roller coaster of a life .
As a single mum I could relate so much and there were 2 lines I. Particular that made me emotional and would like to thank the author for writing them .I felt like the book wS talking to me and at such a crucial time in my own journey .
It shows in life you never quite know what’s round the corner and that we all in same way can be in for a bumpy ride.
I fell in love with ed who in my opinion was a modern day knight in shining armour and keys face it we would all like that !
Go and read this book and expect to be filled with hope and have your heart warmed on this story of family ,love and life .


Book review :ZENITH HOTEL —

I was sent a review copy of this from Arcadia books which sees this published on 30th march 2014.
The author is oscar coop-phane and this is his debut novel .

This is the first book I’ve read from these publishers and will admit it’s out of my usual genre .BUt feel it’s good to push our minds and read a variety of books .

This tells the story of nanou who in her own words is a street prostitute .it is written in diary form with descriptions of her day .however if after reading the synopsis you are expecting sex and scandal this book isn’t for you .
The book felt sad and depressing .We read about some of her clients and the lives they have .
It’s a little book ,I whizzed through in about half hour .
For me in all honestly it wasn’t bad but wasn’t amazing bit I think that’s more to do with fact it’s not something I would normally read .


Book review .Dont tell the groom …Anna bell



Read this is in one day .Was such a fun easy read but at the root of it covered a serious topic of gambling .Penny  has got herself in financial trouble  and rather than tell her fiancé and fix the problem together she buries the secret and goes on a mission to plan a wedding on tighter budget than she planned .We go on a journey with her on re addressing her priorities learning new skills and making new friends. But will she lose her fiancé???

I adored mark her fiancé and found myself urging her to tell him the truth as you just knew he would have been supportive !! This book shows that things don’t have to be big and flashy to be special .

book reviews ….. GEEK GIRL 1 AND 2


Estelle had read these last year and loved them recommending that I read them .I have corresponded with the lovely Holly  Smale via twitter and hearing even more rave reviews I knew I had to read . I also brought Estelle tickets to a event at  Southbank where holly will be so I had to make sure I read them !!

The books are hilarious and I really giggled at some parts and gasped at others. I could also see myself in Harriet the main character with how things have a habit of going bit topsy turvey for her . We watch her transform from a geek at school again I can relate to the geek in a whole different world .  It touches on bullying ,love ,friendships ,family and basically fitting in .

However ultimately I believe Harriet doesn’t need to fit in she just needed to believe in herself  and I think she does by the end of model misfit .

I look forward to the next instalment in Harriet’s story !!

You can follow the lovely Holly over at twitter @HolSmale


Time to talk day


For someone who has mental illness in their life this day is a brilliant way in reinforcing its nothing to be ashamed of .The more it is spoke abut the less stigma there is .If someone has a broken arm they have physical proof to show their break and their pain whereas people suffering mental illness have to suffer a invisible illness. This then leads to lack of acceptance and understanding .

If someone looks ‘ok’ they can then hear comments like what have you got to be depressed about? cheer up it might never happen! also pull yourself together. On hearing things like this it reaffirms the insignifence of someone’s mental illness.

It really can affect anyone from all walks of life , there is help and support out there .

Even if today someone who is suffering in silence just quietly tweets im not ok ….. Its that first step to talking .