Book review a song for tomorrow by Alice peterson

Tom fell in love with Alice the moment he saw her. He realises that being with her ,will not be easy ,but she is a force of nature ,a burst of sunlight in his otherwise ordinary world.

Some people might look at Alice and think she has everything, but Alice knows she is not like other women. Her life is complicated ,unpredictable, and difficult . Alice does not like pity. All she wants to do ,has ever wanted to do ,is sing .

Alice has been told not to follow her dreams . so has Tom. But when fate has already dealt them a tough hand ,its time to stop listening to everyone else and only follow their hearts.

 Firstly thank you to Sara jade for my beautiful proof copy .

I adore Alice’s books and knew I was in for a emotional read.

This is a love story like no other not only the love between Alice and Tom .but the love  Alice has for life and everything in it.

What a lady ! Strong funny determined and a bloody fighter .

This book educated me on cystic fibrosis and admittly I didn’t know that much about it.

I do know what it’s like to have a invisible illness and also to be a carer.

There were narratives from Alice ,her mum and tom.

This added depth to the story seeing things from different eyes.

You will be rooting for Alice in every way but mainly to achieve as much happiness in her life.

This is a beautiful and emotive incredibly researched written book.

It’s also based on a true story which makes it that more powerful .

Get your tissues ready and prepare for the tearjerker of 2017

Published 9 th February



Since her husband walked out ,Louise has made her son her world,supporting them both with her part time job. But all that changes when she meets


Young successful and charming- Louise cannot believe a man like him Would look at her twice let alone be attracted to her. But that all comes to a grindng halt when she meets his wife…


Beautiful elegant and sweet- louises new friend seems perfect in every way

As she becomes obsessed by this flawless couple ,entangled in the intricate web of their maron credibley each in turn reach out to her .

But only when she gets to know them both does she begin too see the cracks … Is David really the man she thought she knew and is Adele as vulnerable as she appears ?

Just what terrible secrets are they both hiding and how far will they go to keep them?

Firstly let me just say holy fucking hell….not a term I often use in a book review but this baby needs it!!

Never has the hash tag used to promote a book been so perfect #wtfthatending 

There was huge hype surrounding this book that I was apprensive as I diudnt want to be disappointed… Fear not this blew my brain so much I had a headache after finishing .

Once you start you may as sit down get comfy as you are going nowhere until you have devoured every word.

This book is incredible.,dark,twisted,layered and chilling.

You start to think you know what direction it’s going …who to trust who is lying than bang a new chapter reveals more

Addictive, compelling and will haunt you for a long time…. 24hours on and I’m still in shock.

It is marketed as a thriller and yes it will beat many in that genre but hold your horses because this author has so many suprises in store.

Fascinating charactars and its great to get a insight into the mind of 2 very different women .

A look into the dramas surrounding being a working single mum ,exploring those emotions about watching your baby grow. 

Identity is huge element in this storyline ….who am I? Why am I doing this? What is my moral compass?

2 women living very different lives until their lives get weaved together like a wicked web of destruction

I don’t think I could scream loud enough to get it across how you must read this book!!!

What a fascinating talented author who I predict will be watching her books fly off the shelves when word gets round . 


Monique and Issy are teachers,housemates and lovers of musicals ! Their friusay night routine consists of snacks wine and DVDs. So when Monique’s boyfriend moves to America for a year and her sister Hope moves in because of her own relationship woes, Friday nights get a new name……

” the singalong society for Singletons”

It’s a chance to get together ,sing along yo their favorite tracks from the best loved west end shows,and forget the worries of work,relationships and love (or lack of it). But when Issy shares the details of their little group further afield they get some unexpected new members who might just change theie opinions on Singledom for good…

I was  delighted to hear Katey get a book deal after being fellow book blogging buddies for a few years . I finally got round to reading this gem of a book last night

I have read a lot of review books recently and in particular crime books so it was lovely to relax with a fun read.

This is a beautiful book with great characters !

I must admit there was some swooning going on over liam for me .

This is romantic ,funny and in many ways like a musical in itself.

I loved being part of this group’s Friday night gang and as the musicals change weekly so do the characters in terms of self development .

New friendships ,relationships ,work and personal goaks

Fantastically written especially as a debut …. Well done!!!! 

I can’t begin to imagme that sheer joy and pride of seeing your book on the shelf but next best thing is rooting for lovely people to have that opportunity.

I look forward to reading more from Katey .


Attending what seems to be a routine break In , troubled detective garda Cathy connolly makes a grisly discovery; an old wedding dress-and concealed in its hem ,a baby’s bones.

And then the dress’s original owner, Lavinia grant is found dead in a Dublin suburb.

Searching for answers, cathy is drawn deep into a complex web of secrets and lies spun by three generations of women.

Meanwhile, a fugitive killer has already two dead in execution style killings across the Atlantic and now he’s in Dublin with old scores to settle. Will the team track him down before he kills again?

Struggling with her own secrets ,Cathy doesn’t know how dangerous -and personal-this case is about to become…..

Firstly a big thank you to Emily for my copy to review.

I whizzed through this and am highly impressed that this is a debut!

Written with a fresh voice in the genre of crime fiction it will be hard to put down.

Even the title and blurb lure you in , quite gruesome to read about baby’s bones.

A great mix of characters and especially liked the detective who is going through some personal matters but still determined to be the best at her job. A highly strong careers driven independent woman.

Addictive and shocking and full of mystery.  , I cannot wait to read more from this author .

Published 23rd February


When the past comes calling ,who can you trust?


The Calder family seems to have it all. Until the day Adrian Calder takes a gun and shoots his wife and children dead.

It looks like an open and shut case,but PC Lucy Davies isn’t convinced .


A sleeper agent in Moscow demands an urgent meeting with Dan Forrester ,but when Dans cover is blown he finds he finds himself  on his own

Discovering that their cases are linked Dan and Lucy desperately race to find answers, but they soon realise that their lives arent the only ones in danger.

But how do you protect your family when you don’t know who is hunting them?

Firstly thank you to Emily for my copy to review.

I hadn’t read any  books from this author ,as a book blogger it’s great to be given many opportunities to read different voices.

I was absolutely hooked reading this 

Full of action ,drama,deceit and fast paced.

The characters were all brilliant!

From the main characters right down to the huge dog protecting dans family, they each play a vital role in the story coming together.

The rhythm and flow of each chapter is smooth and before you know it you have devoured half the book.

Packed of suspense and moments when as the reader you are frantically trying to crack the case .


It’s late. The phone rings.
The man on the other end says his daughter is missing.
Your daughter.
The baby you gave away over fifteen years ago.
What do you do?

Nora Watts isn’t sure that she wants to get involved. Troubled, messed up, and with more than enough problems of her own, Nora doesn’t want to revisit the past. But then she sees the photograph. A girl, a teenager, with her eyes. How can she turn her back on her?

But going in search of her daughter brings Nora into contact with a past that she would rather forget, a past that she has worked hard to put behind her, but which is always there, waiting for her . . .

In Eyes Like Mine, Sheena Kamal has created a kick-ass protagonist who will give Lisbeth Salander a run for her money. Intuitive, not always likeable, and deeply flawed, Nora Watts is a new heroine for our time.


Firstly thanks to Emily for sending me a copy to review ,everything about this book intrigued me . Plus I have no doubt with the finished cover it will be flying off the shelves .

This is a dark read full of intrigue and mystery. Set in Canada you can almost feel the cold weather as the writing is extremely descriptive and sets the atmosphere .

As much as the storyline is about a missing daughter we soon realise we are reading Nora’s story and how she got to where and who she is today.

she’s not had it easy and you easily start to understand and connect with this woman . From a troubled childhood to addiction it was no wonder that motherhood wasn’t for her .

But when a call comes late In the night ,she shouldn’t be getting involved or feeling but she is …mothers instinct I imagine starts to kick in .

I imagine Nora could come across a unlikeable character but I see her as strong determined and very feisty.

Fast paced and full of grit this will have the reader hooked straight away .

Published 9th February






You have six seconds to read this message….

The body of a 15 year old is found hours after she sends a desperate message to her friends. It looks like suicide, until a second girl disappears.

This time ,the message is sent directly to the metropolitan police- and an officera  younger sister is missing.

DS Nasreen cudmore and journalist Freddie venton will stop at nothing to find her. But whoever’s behind the notes is playing a deadly game of hide and seek -and the clock is ticking…

You have 24 hours to save the girls life .

Make them count.

I was dying to read this!! I’ve been following Angela on social media since reading her debut follow me last year.

This was one of January’s anticipated reads for me  and it didn’t disappoint.

Angela sure knows how to write a addictive harrowing thriller.

You are bound to be turning the pages till the puzzle is solved.

Full of twists and turns and great characters and you may find yourself holding your breath while reading.

Fast paced dark and incredibly chilling …you don’t want to miss this thriller !


A vulnerable young woman,fresh out of the care system, is trying to discover the truth behind the sudden death of her best friend.

The charred body of a policeman-currently the subject of an internal investigation- is found in the burnt out shell of his car on the Southend seafront.

To DS Frank Pearson and DC Catherine Russell of the Essex police major investigation team,the two events seem unconnected. But as they Dig deeper iinto their colleagues murder,dark secrets begin to emerge.

Can Pearson and Russell solve both cases ,before more lives are destroyed?

Firstly thank you to Clara for my copy to review and having me on the blog tour.

This was a slow burner for me that didn’t quite manage to keep my attention .I felt at times there was a lot happening at once making it feel busy. There was a lot of characters each with a lot going on and I personally found it difficult to keep up.

One of the characters i connected with and would have enjoyed reading more about was Donna. she had lost her best friend and not had the easiest of lives making her actions understandable .

The opening draws you in and sets the scene

  for this gritty crime novel.

I think with it being the authors debut book he can certainly work on his flow and structure of the story,for future books.

I’ve read a lot in this genre in recent months so just wasn’t quite enough to wet my appetite but still a dark gritty story .

Still a very tense book and look forward to reading more from this author. 


what happens when what you wish for is only half the story ..,?

Flirtatious ,straight talking Jo Gold says she’s got no time for love, she’s determined to save her family’s failing footwear business.

New mother Sarah Hudson has cut short her maternity leave to return to work . She says she’ll do whatever it take to make partner at the accountancy firm.

Bored, over eating housewife Carrie  radley says she just wants to shift the pounds -she’d love to finally wear a bikini in public .

The unlikely trio meet by chance one winters day, and In a moment of carpe diem madness ,embark on a mission to make their wishes come true by September .

Easy . At least it would be , if they hadn’t been just the trendiest bit stingy with the truth..

Firstly thank you to  Becky for sending me a advance copy .

I was over the moon as I absolutely adore this author and each of her magical books .

I didn’t even need to read the blurb to know I was going to enjoy it.

once again Cathy has created charactars that you love and find yourselves engrossed in their trials and tribulations .

each woman is very different and become friends quite unexpextabdly but they form such a great bond.

Tgey disvover things about each other but also about themselves .

i read within a day even taking myself to bed early on a Saturday night to join the girls on their journeys .

they each want to achieve something but are they really being honest with each other and themselves?

Each of cathys books bring so much  joy and fun but also there’s real issues too that many women face.

i found myself grinnnh away towards the end and it’s written so beautifully I was caught up in the romance !

cathy doesn’t disappoint and I don’t think she ever will .


for escapism and heartwarming stories be sure to check out her other books .

Published 26th January





Annie’s mother is a serial killer.

The only way she can make it stop is to hand her in to the police.

But out of sight is not out of mind.

As her mother’s trial looms, the secrets of her past won’t let Annie sleep, even with a new foster family and name – Milly.

A fresh start. Now, surely, she can be whoever she wants to be.

But Milly’s mother is a serial killer. And blood is thicker than water.

Good me, bad me.

She is, after all, her mother’s daughter…

Translated into over 20 languages, Good Me Bad Me is a tour de force. In its narrator, Milly Barnes, we have a voice to be reckoned with, and in its author, Ali Land, an extraordinary new talent.



This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2017 ,I had been recommended it last summer by bryony Gordon when I met her on one of her mental health mates walks . I then saw lots of praise from fellow bloggers and authors so I couldn’t wait to dig in.

I brought it yesterday lunchtime and it was devoured by night-time .

This was everything and more I expected .

To see the author worked at camhs struck a chord with me as my family have had much involvement with them.

I also have a huge passion for the nature/nurture debate since studying various strands of psychology over the last 10 years . This is a running them throughout this book and it really makes your brain tick .

Fantastically written with a excellent addictive narrative , I could not put this down .

Compelling and chilling this will get under your skin ,I’ve read a lot of psychological thrillers and this is one of the best that makes you squirm while reading . To get into the mind of a young girl who happens to be the same age as my daughter is always helpful for me as a parent ,however this had the extra ingredient.  She witnessed horrific sights and loves her mum but at same time knows what she did was wrong .

Identity is so important and something Milly is struggling with …. being the spit of her mum in looks is she also in terms of behaviour??

How much of what we do and who we are  is written in stone becauae of our DNA and how much is environmental .


Excellent ,dark and disturbing and already in my honest opinion one of the best debuts I’ve not only read this year but ever .