Parents eve

This evening was Lynxs year 3. Parents eve which i never quite know how is going to be! Feeling under the weather this week so wasn’t really in best place for it however his teacher was full of praise and encouragement about lynx . He’s progressed really well and partaking in lot of intervention groups for support I’m his learning and social skills .
He’s happier and confident as a result .
With his autism he does have bad days which can b heightened as a result of tiredness or change of routine . It’s half term next week and I think he’s very ready to break up as he’s getting slightly agitated and unsettled the last few days . So some days he doesn’t want to go to school and he’s very much a boy who likes to be at home 🙂
As his mum j have to find ways to support his learning and make it manageable and find ways to alleviate any stresses . He struggles with homework especially writing and spellings .i use a puzzle method of learning his spellings which means he’s being creative and breaks it down a little bit .i also actively encourage any interest he has and build a way around that area for him learn and grow . For example he has discovered roald Dahl so we have had trips to library and even treated him to a book from wh smith .to see his face light up looking at the book reading or just imagining and often listening to me reading to him is a amazing feeling .
Happy that parents eve was a success well done lil man .