When Ros steps off a plane after four years away she’s in need of a job, a flat and a phone that actually works. And, possibly, her old life back. Because everyone at home has moved on, her parents have reignited their sex life, she’s sleeping in a converted shed and she’s got a bad case of nostalgia for the way things were.

Then her new phone begins to ping with messages from people she thought were deleted for good. Including one number she knows off by heart: her ex’s.

Sometimes we’d all like the chance to see what we’ve been missing…

Firstly thank you to the publishers for my copy on netgalley. I felt very lucky as Lindsey is a incredible author.I whizzed through this
Funny,warm and romantic.

A tale of taking the reigns back on your life and your identity.
To not settle and ask and expect more for yourself.

Friendships and family are central in Ros life . They are there to give her guidance and encouragement , but what happens when a ex reappears. Her parents were hilarious and having her living in a shed was the icing on the cake. And of course the right amount of eye candy . But surely Ros wont be looking anywhere other than at her ex /boyfriend now hes back ..which is what shes dreamt of…right?

A great summer read with fantastic charactars and Lindseys signature humour running through .

Published 23rd july


From the bestselling author of Tell Me Your Secret and The Brighton Mermaid comes the breath-taking sequel to the iconic Sunday Times bestseller The Ice Cream Girls.

Verity is telling lies…
And that’s why she’s about to be arrested for attempted murder.

Serena has been lying for years. . .
And that may have driven her daughter, Verity, to do something unthinkable…

Poppy’s lies have come back to haunt her . . .
So will her quest for the truth hurt everyone she loves?

Everyone lies.
But whose lies are going to end in tragedy?

Firstly a big thank you to edpr for my copy to review. I am one of Dorothy’s biggest fans. Knowing there was a sequel coming was very exciting and i made sure to reread the first one.

Theres always a worry when you return to a author’s character and you want it to be good. Well of course Dorothy not only did her fans justice but her ice cream girls too.

A completely new exciting storyline that takes you on a real journey and explores many hard hitting subjects.

Absolutely loved it and ive no doubt it will be a roaring success.

Published 9th July.


What if you knew the truth but couldn’t remember?

Over a decade ago, Heidi was the victim of a brutal attack that left her hospitalised, her younger sister missing, and her best friend dead. But Heidi doesn’t remember any of that. She’s lived her life since then with little memory of her friends and family and no recollection of the crime.

Now, it’s all starting to come back.

As Heidi begins retracing the events that lead to the assault, she is forced to confront the pain and guilt she’s long kept buried. But Heidi isn’t the only one digging up the past, and the closer she gets to remembering the truth, the more danger she’s in.

When the truth is worse than fiction, is the past worth reliving?

An addictive thriller about a case gone cold and the dangers lurking on our doorsteps, Monstrous Souls will have you gripped to the very end.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for approving my request to read on netgalley.

What a fantastic debut . This will be everywhere.

Dark ,chilling ,’tense and filled with suspense

This examines and explores every parents nightmare and the effect it has on everyone.

A great thriller that will grip you straight away and have you turning the pages to find the truth.

Published 25th june and i cant wait to read more from her.


One summer to change her life…

Wanda Williams has always dreamed of leaving her wellies behind her and travelling the world! Yet every time she comes close to following her heart, life always seems to get in the way.
So, when her mother ends up in hospital and her sister finds out she’s pregnant with twins, Wanda knows that only she can save the crumbling campsite at the family farm.
Together with her friends in the village, she sets about sprucing up the site, mowing the fields, replanting the allotment and baking homemade goodies for the campers.

But when a long-lost face from her past turns up, Wanda’s world is turned upside-down. And under a starry sky, anything can happen…

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my netgalley copy to review .

I love Laura both as a person and a author, she always gives me that bit of welsh totty i need .

She is a beautiful writer and storyteller who with her descriptive words transports the reader to another place.

You always know you are in for a treat with her books And i always enjoy them.

This book is packed with warmth,humor,tragedy,’loss,friendship and love. Fantastic characters who all bring their own chapters to the story.

It captures the essence of endings and new beginnings if you are brave enough.

I wish her every success with this book.

Published 9th july


Here comes the bride…

Lucy Woods has always dreamed of running her very own wedding venue. After moving her eight-year-old son to the countryside she’s surprised to find the perfect location and her best friend, Abbie, eager to help make that dream a reality! Too bad Abbie’s older brother Dominic isn’t keen on Lucy or their big idea!

As a divorce lawyer Dominic doesn’t believe in love at first sight or wedding vows, he’s seen them broken more times than he can count. But when Lucy arrives back in town, his hardened heart begins to crack.

Making her dream come true is a huge undertaking, but Lucy knows that The Signal Box Café is her chance to finally make something of her life. If only the irritating (and oh-so-gorgeous) Dom didn’t make her imagine wearing a white dress and walking down the aisle…

Can Lucy and Dominic find a way to each other this summer or will the wedding bells chime for another couple?

Firstly a big thank you to Annette and her publishers for my copy to read on netgalley .

I’ve known Annette a few years through blogging and she is lovely and a book deal couldnt have happened to a nicer person

I was so excited to read this and i treated myself to a candlelit bath to do so.

I absolutely loved it, you can hear and feel Annettes warm character throughout. It is uplifting,witty and charming.

I loved the charactars especially as a single mum i could relate to Lucy and her resilience to keep moving forward.

Dom was a absolute dish and made me swoon.

A perfect escapism read and i wish her every success .

Published 6th july and do check out the other blogs taking part in the tour.


What if the problem with your love life is you?

If I Can’t Have You by Charlotte Levin is an all-consuming novel about loneliness, obsession and how far we go for the ones we love.

Samuel, the day we met I knew I’d finally found what I’ve been waiting for.


Happiness, at last.

Then you left me.

And now I am alone.

Everyone I love leaves in the end.

But not this time.

I’m not giving up on us.

I’m not giving up on you.

When you love someone, you never let them go.

That’s why for me, this is just beginning.

Firstly a big thank you to the team at edpr for my copy to review. Ive been twitter buddies with Charlotte for a while,its amazing to see her published.

This is a book that will get under your skin.

I could relate to her and im not sure if thats something to admit?

We have all fallen hard for someone we shouldn’t.

This examines the extent someone is willing to go to.

Claustrophobic,dark and unnerving.

Cleverly written and thought provoking.

I wish her every success with this and ive no doubt it will be everywhere.

Published 9th July


There it is: FEAR. It’s crawling all over her face and in her eyes, like a swarm of insects, and it’s all because of HIM.

A serial killer has been terrorising Lancaster for decades, longer than should ever have been possible. The police are baffled, eluded at every turn by the killer whose victims span generations. Speculation is rife among the true crime forums; is someone passing on their gruesome trade?

Every local mother’s worst nightmare has become Helen Summerton‘s reality; he’s taken her daughter, Zoe. As the clock runs down so do her chances of survival. Can Helen unearth the secrets of the killer before it’s too late?

A gripping serial killer thriller that you won’t be able to put down. Perfect for fans of The Whisper Man, What You Did and Don’t Even Breathe.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for approving my request to read on netgalley.

What a phenomal book,not only that but a debut! This is amazing and puts the thrill into psychological thrillers. Scary,tense,chilling and terrifying.

We get real insight into the mind of the dark and disturbed and on that level reminded me of fiona cummins books. Hugely creepy and disturbing but you cant stop reading.

It had everything for me,fast paced,creepy location, alternative narratives and great charactars.This will get right under your skin…
Highly recommend and i cant wait to read more from Rosie!

Published in ebook 17th july and paperback 15th October


She’s single. But it can still be complicated…

Penny Bridge has always been unlucky in love.

So she can’t believe it when she meets a remarkable new man.

Followed by another.

And then another

And all of them want to date her.

Penny has to choose between three. But are any of them The One?

Firstly a big thank you to Avon for my netgalley copy to read and having me on the tour. Im outraged to say ive still not read Laura’s debut!

This was a great book,packed with wit and warmth. Friendships,family,love and lots of sex..

Its fun and modern.

Highly entertaining read

Published ebook 29th june

Paperback August 6th

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OLIVE is many things.

She knows her own mind.

And it’s ok that she’s still figuring it all out, navigating her world without a compass. But life comes with expectations, there are choices to be made and – sometimes – stereotypes to fulfil. So when her best friends’ lives branch away towards marriage and motherhood, leaving the path they’ve always followed together, she starts to question her choices – because life according to Olive looks a little bit different.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my netgalley copy . Im yet to read any of her non fiction books but i have heard great things.

This is a modern ,relevent and importamt novel about women . The friendships,the relationships,careers,highs and lows. What makes us who we are in todays society?

For anyone who has questioned their place and purpose in the big wide world ,meet Olive.

Olive is brave ,strong and unique. Not afraid to be herself and to ask the questions others wont. Shes outspoken and honest. Something that has got me in trouble myself as a woman.

Warm,witty and hits the spot like a g&t after a long week.

Highly recommend and will make the perfect summer read.

Published 23rd july


In a Shepherd’s Bush bedsit, Amelia White dreams of being a reporter. The closest she’s come is selling advertising in the local paper.

Until the fateful day she stumbles on a truly shocking scoop.

Round the corner from her home, she discovers the body of a murder victim, dumped among the rubbish. When the police and reporters descend, Amelia is horrified at the assumptions made and lies soon to be spread about this poor young woman.

Determined to protect the victim from these smears and help her grieving family, she convinces her paper’s editor to allow her to take up her pen and tell the true story.

But when another body is found and the police investigation stalls, Amelia – uncovering new witnesses and suspects in her search for clues – discovers that she may be the only one with any chance of learning the truth and stopping more killings.

If only she can work out who the liar is . . .

Firstly a big thank you to edpr for my copy and having me on the tour. Ive been really lucky and had chance to review her last few books.

I think this is my favourite of hers.

I really related to the main charactse.Gutsy, genuine and had a tough childhood…she also wanted to better her life too .

This is very twisty and you cant trust anyone.

Loved it and highly recommend

Completly unpredictable and will have you racing thtough.

Do check oyt yhe other blogs taking part in the tour .