Sisterhood binds them. Trauma defines them. Will secrets tear them apart?

Leah’s perfect marriage isn’t what it seems but the biggest lie of all is that she’s learned to live with what happened all those years ago.Marie drinks a bit too much to help her forget. And Carly has never forgiven herself for not keeping them safe.

Twenty years ago The Sinclair Sisters were taken. But what came after their return was far worse. Can a family ever recover, especially when not everyone is telling the truth…?

* * * * *

Firstly a big thank you to HQ for my copy to review on netgalley. I am a massive fan of Louises and have been since her debut .

Ive been quite slow recently with my reading so to devour a thriller felt like my soul was reignited.

Fantastic from start to finish . Compelling and addictive. These sisters have been through a lot and life doesnt seem to easing up for any if them. So when their past comes calling its bound to create some stress!

All is not as it seems as the layers are pulled back and the truth is bared.

Completely unpredictable and exciting.

Louise is a amazing author who creates the pergect atmosphere for her story and has you hooked from page one.

Published 1st October


The perfect home… or the perfect lie?

She fell in love the moment she saw Cliffside. She just couldn’t believe her husband had bought their dream home, but nothing stays perfect for long…

When tragedy strikes and her husband is killed in a car accident, she finds herself living in the remote clifftop home on her own, and suddenly the glass-fronted house feels more threatening than comforting. And when she discovers footprints leading from the beach to her front door and a bunch of blood-red roses left on her step, she knows she’s not alone anymore.

You might think you know what happens next, but you’re wrong. With jaw-dropping twists and turns, this is a book you will not be able to put down!

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley.  And apologies in my delay,ive been having a slow reading time.

This was a fantastic read with plenty of twists and turns. You will find yourself wanting to jump in and give her a good shout and shake to wake up
Layered to build suspense and forebending sense of tension.

Unpredictable and thrilling.

I highly recommend and cant wait to read more from this author.

Published 24th August


Zoe fainted on her wedding day, and she never knew why. She’s always felt sure something bad happened. Ten years later, she’s going to find out what…

It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Zoe was sitting in her hotel room, in her perfect white dress, looking forward to the moment when she would make kind, handsome Toby her husband.

Then, there was a blank.

They said she must have fainted, overcome with emotion. But nothing felt quite right afterwards. Did something happen in that missing time?

Now, Toby and Zoe have two beautiful children and a perfect life. They’re planning their ten-year anniversary party for their family and friends. The invitations have been sent, the food ordered. They’re going back to the grand hotel where they got married.

But as the anniversary gets closer, it becomes clear not everyone is looking forward to celebrating. Zoe catches Toby lying about where he’s been. One of her best friends seems to be ignoring her. And someone is spreading stories that might stop the party from happening at all.

Zoe is increasingly sure that she doesn’t have the full story. But does she want to know the truth, if it will destroy everything?

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. Im very new to this authors books.. i need to read them all immediately!

What a fantastic book that will be hard to put down. Completely unpredictable and floored me which is always a great response when reading a psychological thriller.

Who can be trusted? What really happened on zoes wedding day? As a psychology student this was extra fascinating and interesting as the concept of memory is a large part of the story.

An addictive exciting storyline.

Published 9th September


8-year-old Leila Smith has seen and heard things that no child should ever have to. On the Hawthorn Estate, where she lives, she often stays out after dark to avoid going home.

But what Leila doesn’t know is that someone has been watching her in the playground. One day, she disappears without a trace…

The police start a nationwide search but it’s as if Leila has vanished into thin air. Who kidnapped her? What do they want? Will she return home safely or is she lost forever?

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. Ive read this authors previous thrillers so was looking forward to this.
This is a fast paced,heart racing thriller with a very unpredictable storyline.

Written in various narratives that make the reader feel like they are really knowing whats going on then boom…

Exciting and gripping.

Highly recommend.

Published 23rd July


Nessa Crowley’s murderer has been protected by silence for ten years.
Until a team of documentary makers decide to find out the truth.
On the day of Henry and Keelin Kinsella’s wild party at their big house a violent storm engulfed the island of Inisrun, cutting it off from the mainland. When morning broke Nessa Crowley’s lifeless body lay in the garden, her last breath silenced by the music and the thunder.
The killer couldn’t have escaped Inisrun, but on-one was charged with the murder. The mystery that surrounded the death of Nessa remained hidden. But the islanders knew who to blame for the crime that changed them forever.
Ten years later a documentary crew arrives, there to lift the lid off the Kinsella’s carefully constructed lives, determined to find evidence that will prove Henry’s guilt and Keelin’s complicity in the murder of beautiful Nessa.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my netgalley approval to read and my gorgeous hardback. I absolute adore this authors writing,its modern storytelling at its finest.

This is a dark tense tale of love,loss,lies and secrets.

What happened to Nessa ? Whos hiding something?

Thought provoking and will get under your skin as family dynamics are examined in the hunt for the truth. Relationships laid bare and with each chapter a layer is removed .

Published 3rd September and do check out the other blogs taking part in the tour.



Wheeling my suitcase down the familiar, hedge-lined street, I smile at the sound of children playing in the park nearby. Suddenly, there’s a screech of car brakes. I rush over to see a bent bike wheel sticking out of the ditch, and underneath, a little boy…

As I turn the rusty key in the lock of the house I grew up in, memories flood back. None of them happy. I never told anyone why I left home twenty years ago, and all I want is to sort out Dad’s funeral as quickly as possible.Now I’m trapped here, the only witness to a terrible incident that has left an eight-year-old boy fighting for his life. But after a lifetime trying to forget my past, I don’t know if I can trust my memory, or be totally sure of what I saw today.Sorting through Dad’s things one night – shopping lists in his curly handwriting, piles of old newspapers, dusty sports trophies – I think I hear the back door handle rattle. I tiptoe downstairs, past an open window I’m sure I locked. And a figure darts across the overgrown garden.Someone is watching me. Someone who knows I’m the only one who saw what happened to little Ethan… or could they know the real reason why I left? Either way, I’m certain that coming back was my biggest mistake. I can’t leave, but the longer I stay, the more danger I’m in…Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy on netgalley . I dont think ive read anything from this author before. This is captivating book from start to finish, fantastic characters that are relatable. Secrets,lies,loss and loyalty are key themes throughout the plot. Unpredictable and fast paced. Very enjoyable and look forward to reading more from kerry.Published 23rd July


The body of an unidentified woman has been found on a local beach in a small town. The police have no suspects.Gloria is used to solitude. Widowed and still grieving her late husband, she spends her days with only her faded photographs for company. But when a young woman is murdered nearby, Gloria grows anxious. Living alone in an old farmhouse, surrounded by empty woods, there’s no one for miles who would hear her scream.When freelance travel writer Beth arrives with her trailer to live on Gloria’s land, Gloria is relieved not to be alone. The police have no suspects in the murder and fearless Beth makes Gloria feel safe. Then Gloria discovers Beth is a widow too: the women become closer and begin to share their secrets.But soon Gloria starts to wonder… what does she actually know about Beth? About what brought her to this isolated spot? About how her husband really died? Is it a coincidence that she’s arrived just as this small town has seen its first murder in decades?Gloria thought that Beth had told her all her secrets. She was wrong.Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. This is a new author to me which never gets dull!I whizzed through this , very unpredictable with twists and turns. As you turn the pages, layers of truth are revealed.A really great thrilling read packed with intrigue and suspense. I look forward to reading more from this author.Published 27th August


She’s a murderer.

Everyone knows she killed Stuart Rees – why else would his dead body be found in her shed?
So now Tabitha is in prison, awaiting trial.

Coming back to the remote coastal village where she grew up was a mistake. She didn’t fit in then, and she doesn’t fit in now.

That day is such a blur, she can’t remember clearly what happened. There is something she is missing, something important… She only knows one thing. She is not capable of murder.

And the only one she can trust to help her out of this situation is herself.
So she must fight. Against the odds.

For her life. Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. I dont think ive read any of this authors book which is outrageous!A excellent thought provoking read about justice,revenge and punishment. Fantastic charactars especially Tabitha whos clearly not had it easy and part of me as a mum wanted to help her. Despite her troubles and her past she is a strong female prepared to fight for justice and freedom.Plot and pace was excellent and a enjoyable thriller which shifts from prison to courtroom.I will definitely be reading more from Nicci.Published 3rd September


Lizzie Burdett was eighteen when she vanished. Noah Carruso has never forgotten her: she was his first crush; his unrequited love. She was also his brother’s girlfriend.

Tom Carruso hasn’t been home in over a decade. He left soon after Lizzie disappeared, under a darkening cloud of suspicion. Now he’s coming home for the inquest into Lizzie’s death, intent on telling his side of the story for the first time.

As the inquest looms, Noah meets Alice Pryce while on holiday in Thailand. They fall in love fast and hard, but Noah can’t bear to tell Alice his deepest fears. And Alice is equally stricken, for she carries a terrible secret of her own.

He’s guarding a dark secret, but so is she.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. This is a new author for me .
This is a captivating story of love,loss and secrets. Can we really move forwards with murky pasts…Love isnt always easy and can come at the wrong time. A layered thriller of mystery and murder. What really happened to Lizzie and who can be trusted ?This is a great fast paced well plotted book.Published 30th June and i look forward to reading more from this author.


Could you take in your best friend’s child, even if it risked destroying your own family?

Jo had thought that her life – and her heart – was full. With a busy job, a husband and a teenage daughter who is going off the rails, keeping her life running smoothly had already felt hard enough.

But now Jo sits at the funeral of her best friend Ginny, crushed by the loss of a friendship that had endured for thirty years: from college and their first days at work through to settling down and raising their own children.

Against her husband’s wishes, Jo has made a life-changing decision: to take in Ginny’s teenage son Victor and raise him as her own. Despite her misgivings, Jo feels she had no choice: Ginny was a single parent and Victor had no other family who could take care of him.

But Victor’s arrival is about to break open the fragile cracks that were already forming on the surface of Jo’s family life and in her small rural community… and expose a secret that has remained hidden for many years, with devastating consequences.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. I am a big fan or Kerrys writing which has the ability to work through real life issues.

This is a thought provoking book of a family whose dynamics change massively. This examines the many issues that arise .

Teenagers, playground behaviour and thats just between the adults,secrets and friendships..

A brilliant book from start to finish . Kerry expertly deals with the subject of race and the pressures on teenagers.

Published 5th August.