She told you the house would keep you safe. She lied.

Esther is safe in the house. For sixteen years, she and her mother have lived off the grid, protected from the dangers of the outside world. For sixteen years, Esther has never seen another single soul.

Until today.

Today there’s a man outside the house. A man who knows Esther’s name, and who proves that her mother’s claims about the outside world are false. A man who is telling Esther that she’s been living a lie.

Is her mother keeping Esther safe – or keeping her prisoner?

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review. I loved Louise’s debut last year so was looking forward to reading this.

As a parent we want to protect our kids and whatever that costs. But how far Is too far?

What happens when the truth is revealed and you are forced to question everything including your childhood.

Chilling and unnerving .

Full of suspense and secrets. Compelling and unpredictable.

Published 12th May

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