A darkly intoxicating novel of female friendship and obsession, perfect for fans of My Dark Vanessa, The Girls and The Virgin Suicides.

Nice girls can do bad things…

When Ambrosia first arrives at prestigious college Wesleyan, she’s desperate to fit in. But Amb struggles to navigate the rules of this strange, elite world, filled with privileged ‘nice’ young women – until she meets the charismatic but troubled Sully, with whom she forms an obsessive friendship.

Intoxicated by Sully’s charm and determined to impress her, Amb finds herself drawn deep into her new best friend’s dangerous manipulations. But if she wants to play Sully at her own game, Amb has no idea just how devastating the consequences will be…

Deeply unsettling and compulsive, The Girls Are All So Nice Here is a gripping exploration of the brutal lengths girls will go to, to take what they think they are owed.

Firstly a big thank you to Hq for my copy to review on netgalley and having me on the tour.Ive been seeing this everywhere so was looking forward to it.

This is a story of toxic friendships and the power they hold on your life .

Revenge ,power, loss and lust

Everyones moved on or have they?

A fascinating and insightful look into female friendship and the damage that can be caused.

Gripping,addictive and chilling .

I can see this being a huge hit next year and wish the author every success.

Published 1st April 2021 and do check out the other blogs on the tour


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Gayle is a highly successful and motivated business woman, but her success has come at a price – she hasn’t spoken to her daughters, Ella and Samantha, for years. But when Gayle has an accident at work, she realises she needs to make amends with her family.

And so she invites herself to join Ella and Samantha for their Christmas in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. The sisters are none too pleased that their mother has inserted herself into their Christmas plans. They have each other – and don’t need their mother back in their lives. Or so they think…

As they embark on their first family Christmas together in years, will the three women learn that sometimes facing up to a few home truths is all you need to heal your heart?

Firstly a big thank you to Hq for my copy to review on netgalley. I saved this to read around Christmas time and it was just the right choice.

Sarah is a fantastic author who writes about love and family and you can feel her warmth within her words.

This is a story about families coming together and rediscovering their love for each other and for the festive season.

Its magical and romantic but also deals with sone difficult topics.

Perfect escapism for 2020.

Published 29th October


Dear Louise. It’s time we all put the past behind us. We’re meeting for my birthday. I want you there. Love, Amy. X

When Louise receives an invitation to her old friend Amy’s birthday weekend in a cottage next to the woods near their old university campus, a chill runs down her spine.

Fifteen years ago, Hannah walked into those same woods and never came back. Her death destroyed her friends. They’ve not met as a group since. Until now.

As the party gets underway and old grudges are uncovered, a game of truth or dare is proposed. It’s clear one person has questions about their friend’s death – and now they want answers. And nothing will stop them.

When everyone has buried secrets, digging for the truth is going to get dangerous

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy on netgalley.

Fantastic thriller and one i raced through.Thought provoking ,complex and twisty. This had everything you need for a great addictive book.

Friendship ,lies, loss and rivals...sounds like the perfect weekend right?

Unpredictable and compelling. This is a author i can highly recommend.

Published 15th December


Escape to Fir Tree Lodge, where new beginnings come with a fresh blanket of snow…

Rebecca Atkins has everything she could hope for – the perfect fiancé, fabulous friends and a career as a professional skier. But when an accident on the slopes brings her crashing down in the snow with a catastrophic thud, everything changes. Her career is over, and her fiancé turns out to be, well, not so perfect.

With the chance to start afresh, Rebecca does what anyone else in her position would do… She turns to baking and manages the Alpine Bites café, nestled in the French Alps.

But when handsome stranger Luke Sommersby becomes Rebecca’s unexpected lodger, her plan to completely forget about love is thrown into jeopardy. Guarding her heart since the accident, Fir Tree Lodge is strictly a man-free-zone.

Luke is kind, caring and gorgeous, but the emotional scars from her fall still run deep, and she fights to keep the sparks catching her heart at bay.

Will Rebecca be able to find a second chance in the snow and step into a bright new future with Luke by her side?

Firstly a big thank you to Hq for my copy to review on netgalley.

Ive been a online friend of Rachel for a while and this is only her second book of hers ive read.

This is a real winter warmer which i had the pleasure of reading on Christmas eve. Romance and hope grow as the pages turn.

Will rebecca give love a chance or is it too much pain for her? And as her past comes knocking its not a easy time.

Warm hearted,uplifting and a joy to read. A tale of love, loss , new beginnings and hope.

Published 9th October


We have a patient who has been involved in a serious accident. We believe he’s your husband.’

When Freya first met Phil, she thought he was the man of her dreams. He bought her roses every week, booked surprise trips to sun-soaked destinations, and showed her affection like she’d never experienced before. But over time the dream has become a violent nightmare. And now Freya is packing her bags, knowing it’s time she escaped their increasingly broken marriage.

But then Freya gets a visit from the police. Phil’s been in a horrific car crash and – as he comes around – it becomes clear that he remembers nothing since their blissful honeymoon two years before, back when their relationship was perfect. All he wants is to be happily married again.

Freya knows giving him another chance could be dangerous. But now he’s the one who needs her, it’s a chance to turn the tables, and to change the outcome of their relationship once and for all. After all, he will only know what she chooses to tell him…

But what really happened during those two years of marriage? And as they start over again, who is safe? And whose life is in danger?

Firstly a big thank you to Bookouture for my copy to review on netgalley. I dont think ive actually disliked a book of theirs ive read.

I raced through this heart pounding, nerve wracking and addictive read. Who is telling the truth? And who was leaving who on that eventual night?

Written in alternate narratives this keeps the readers attention and the plot fresh and fast.

Unpredictable and a twisty thriller.

I have been in Freyas shoes so i resonated a lot with her storyline. Karen has written around this subject sensitivity and brilliantly.

A fantastic book and i cant wait to read more from her.

Published 20th November


It’s nearly Christmas and it’s snowing, hard. Deep in the Yorkshire Moors nestles a tiny hamlet, with a pub at its heart. As the snow falls, the inn will become an unexpected haven for six people forced to seek shelter there… Mary has been trying to get her boss Jack to notice her for four years, but he can only see the efficient PA she is at work. Will being holed up with him finally give her the chance she has been waiting for? Bridge and Luke were meeting for five minutes to set their divorce in motion. But will getting trapped with each other reignite too many fond memories – and love? Charlie and Robin were on their way to a luxury hotel in Scotland for a very special Christmas. But will the inn give them everything they were hoping to find – and much more besides? A story of knowing when to hold on and when to let go, of pushing limits and acceptance, of friendship, love, laughter, mince pies and the magic of Christmas. Gorgeous, warm and full of heartfelt emotion, I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day is the perfect read this winter

Firstly a big thank you to Sj and her team at books and the city for sending me a glorious copy to read. I saved it for the Christmas holidays once i knew school and uni was done.

Ive had the pleasure of meeting Milly a few times now and i could genuinly listen to her talk for hours. Her presence is just as warm and uplifting as her books and this years festive release is no exception.

It is absolutely magical and will warm even the frostiest of hearts . A tale of love,loss,hope and new beginnings.

Fantastic charactars,i especially loved Jack and Mary who quite frankly need their heads bashing together. However Bridge did remind me of myself who didnt have best of starts .

This had everything you need from a Christmas book . Food, a warm cosy atmosphere, friendship ,snow and love.

I wish Milly a magical christmas and as much cheer as her books bring to her readers.


A stranger died to save you… now it’s your turn.

Meet Beth Turner.

From the outside she looks like any other thirty-three-year-old woman, with a gorgeous house and beautiful daughter.

But when Beth receives a threatening text message from an anonymous number on the way to her surprise birthday party, she knows her time is up.

Enjoy your birthday, Beth. It’ll be your last.

Beth has a secret that has haunted her past for as long as she can remember. A secret that only those closest to her know. A stranger died once… because of Beth.

As she arrives at her house, there’s only one thing she knows for certain, someone at the party wants her to pay.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. Ive not read any of her previous books and this is her debut psychological thriller.

I raced through this and it had me hooked. There were parts i thought i knew where it was heading but i was proved wrong!

Packed with suspense and tension this is a great thrilling read.

When the past comes back to haunt you can you really live in the present?

This is an addictive page turner and unpredictable.

Published 14th October and i look forward to reading more from Karen.



As a child, it was just a game. As an adult, it was a living nightmare.

‘This time it’s different. She’s gone too far now.
She really has.’
When teenage friends Lizzie and Alice decide to head off for a walk in the countryside, they are blissfully unaware that this will be their final day together – and that only Lizzie will come back alive.
Lizzie has no memory of what happened in the moments before Alice died, she only knows that it must have been a tragic accident. But as she tries to cope with her grief, she is shocked to find herself alienated from Alice’s friends and relatives. They are convinced she somehow had a part to play in her friend’s death.
Twelve years later, unpacking boxes in the new home she shares with her fiancé, Lizzie is horrified to find long-buried memories suddenly surfacing. Is the trauma of the accident finally catching up with her, or could someone be trying to threaten her new-found happiness?

Twelve years is a long time to wait, when you’re planning the perfect revenge . . .

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. I am a huge fan of Lesleys books ,this is her third thriller and each as excellent as the next.

A fantastic and fascinating tale of loss;grief ,lies and revenge. What happens when you cant forgive someone for their part in your pain? Do you move on or do you let the pain burden you.

I loved this gripping and unpredictable psychological thriller. Its captivating and addictive as soon as you read the first page. Packed with suspense ,twists and turns this is a exciting book.

Some parts were set local to me which i loved as you can visuslly set the scene.

This will be huge and if you’re yet to read one of her books…what you waiting for. Perfect for fans of jane Corey and adele parks

Published 18th February in e book.


When Juliette Duffy became a single mother, she felt like her world had ended. Dreams of rose-covered cottages, rolling pins and two parents living with their own biological child were well and truly shattered.
But now Juliette is engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Alex Dalton, and everything is looking up. Juliette can’t wait to marry Alex and live happily ever after at the Dalton Estate.
The trouble is, Juliette isn’t the only one getting married this year. Her ex-partner, Nick, is getting married too and is trying his hardest to sabotage Juliette’s wedding day. Plus, there’s the small matter of the global Covid-19 pandemic.
Will Juliette get the wedding of her dreams? Or will Nick succeed in ruining yet another wedding day?

Firstly a big thank you to Suzy for my copy to review. I absolutely love this author with everything she writes and it really is a varied collection. She can do dark and twisty but then also lighter and funny.

This series is just what you need after 2021 . Funny and relatable.

A great mix of characters and written in diary form so its fresh and witty. I love how relevent it is to 2020 as well because as the reader can identify with laugh or get annoyed.

I’d quite like to be Juliette for the day and get my happy castle day …one can dream.

I highly recommend this series .


Product Description

Cara Lockhart has just commenced a life sentence in HMP North Fern – the newest maximum security women’s prison in the country. She was convicted of a crime she is adamant she didn’t commit.

One morning she wakes up to find her cellmate murdered – shot in the head with a gun that is missing. The door was locked all night, which makes Cara the only suspect.

Cara needs to clear her name, unravelling an impossible case, with an investigation governed by a prison timetable.
But as Cara starts to learn more about North Fern and the predicament she is in, she finds connections between the past and present that she never could have imagined.

Indeed it seems that her conviction and her current situation might be linked in very strange ways…

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley . This is a author thats been on my radar for a while .

This is a fantastic crime thriller that i raced through. Its cleverly written and plotted from start to finish.

Unpredictable and exciting, this goes in directions you least expect.

Its slick and sharp with a fresh original voice. Highly recommend.

Published 29th October and ill definitely be reading his other books.