Welcome to Prague , a city where time  stands still 

For Megan ,a winter escape to Prague with her friend Ollie is a chance to find some inspiration for her upcoming photography exhibition . But she’s determined to keep their friendship from becoming anything  more . Because if Megan let’s Ollie into her past , she risks losing everything and she won’t let that happen again …

For  Hope , the trip is a story’s treat from Charlie ,her new partner . But she’s struggling to enjoy the beauty of the city when she knows how angry her daughter is back home . And that it’s all he’d fault …

For Sophie , Prague has always been a magical place . This time she can’t stop counting down the moments until her boyfriend robin joins her . But in historic Prague you can never escape the past ….
Firstly a huge thank you to Sarah at penguin for sending me a proof copy . I was so excited to receive this especially after devouring  Isabelle’s debut novel my map of you earlier in the year .

Well as soon as i finished this tonight I tweeted her and said you have done it again !

This book is amazingly beautiful and leaves you with a warm glow

I couldn’t put it down and whilst reading I was there in Prague ,a place I’ve never really thought about … I now want to visit…

Isabelle’s writing is cleverly descriptive and set the atmosphere of a cold winter break but fuelled with warmth from love and friendship

The charactars each bring so much and all enjoyable to read about . There isn’t a dull moment in this book 

My favourite parts were of Megan and Ollie and I fell for Ollie quite hard! Their friendship /relationship threatens to warm even the coldest of hearts this winter .

Sophie was a mystery from day one and no spoilers but I did guess her dilemma ..but nevertheless upon its reveal it’s still heartbreaking to read.

Hope is starting a new chapter in which she’s upset those dearest to her but has she made the right choice . I could identify with her as a mum as you can lose your identity .

Prague offers so much to each of these women and they stumble into each other’s lives …

A heartwarming tale set in beautiful location full of love humour sadness and hope .

Hope for new beginnings .. the future …answers 

If you haven’t discovered Isabelle’s writing you are in for a treat ..she’s one of my favourites easily . She certainly knows how to write a swoon worthy book boyfriend ! 

Published 17th November and with its beautiful front cover I expect to see it whizzing off the shelves .


Can you keep s secret ?  Your life depends on it ……

Bridget Reid has a secret , one that could get her killed ….. if she can escape the man who is keeping her locked in a basement bedroom.

Ds Imogen grey is good at keeping secrets – truths shed never rebeAl to her colleagues at Exeter police. She’s worked hard to get to where she is – she nearly died for it. Now her past is catching up with her… As DS Grey and her partner Adrian miles search for Bridget , they uncover a terrifying web of abuse, betrayal and murder. And they realise some secrets are better left buried …

Firstly thank you to the brilliant Helena at avon for sending me a copy to review .

This has definitely been one of the most anticipated books amongst the book blogging world .

So as like all the others I felt incredibly lucky to get a early copy 

Katerina  certainly left her mark in the book world and charts with her debut the teacher .

Since releasing that earlier in the year I regularly communicate with her on twitter and usually in the form of gifs …what a invention

The secret is the hugely anticipated follow up and second in ds Imogen grey series.

Well Katerina has done it again !

She has created a beautiful dark twisted masterpiece ..which if I’m right is what she wanted.

Her writing is addictive and easy to  get your teeth into .

This is a layered book which as it unravels leaves you shocked and thinking woah….

This is fast paced and if you take your eyes off the ball you may miss something relevant to the case

So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

It was quite unnerving to read that estelle got killed straight away ..estelle is my daughters name so that certainly got my attention . 

As we start to learn the truth and head towards the end of the book you are left wanting more and answers which will be answered in her next book! 

What a tease. She is ….

KATERINA is a fantastic fresh voice in world of crime fiction and I look forward to seeing her books flying off the shelves .


It was supposed to be a fresh start .

A chance to move on from the past .

But can you ever really start again?

Or does the past follow you wherever you go…

Steph and mark have just moved house, trying to find a way forward after all ffs decrees ,lies and betrayals.

But starting over isn’t always easy .

Especially when someone will go to any lengths ti make sure you never forget….

So I discovered this incredible author only a few months ago when I read her debut novel between you and me . This book blew me away and as soon as I finished it I pre ordered her second book which was published last week.

Just like her first book I read this within record time and am now desperate for more.

But what I’m more desperate for are some bloody answers!!! 

Yes this book ends in such a cliffhanger that you will want to personally get hold of Lisa and shout in her face … no just me?? 

Lisa is a exceptional writer ,maybe somewhat insane as she is clearly tormenting the reader!!

You are hooked instantly into her writing and her charactars .

This book had a real claustrophobic aura to it and several times I was on the edge of my seat..I actually was as I was on a bus …

The tension and drama builds up quickly leaving you feeling unsafe and unsure of everyone .

I have experience of mental illness and I thank Lisa for writing with sensitivity but also showing the darker side of it.

This had a real feel of a story that could easily be turned into tv or film and would leave both viewers and readers alike screaming for more.

Lisa is at the top of her writing game and I cannot wait to read more from her…quickly.

Incredibly disturbing and chilling this will easily be in readers top 10 psychological thrillers of the year.

I urge you to read both of her books .. mind blowing and scary but only because these are real dangers that could happen to anyone .

Jaw dropping and compelling this makes for addictive reading .


BOOK REVIEW BETWEEN SISTERS BY CATHY KELLYMeet the women of Delaney Square . . .
Cassie has spent her married life doing everything right – making sure her children have the perfect life, being a devoted wife and a dutiful daughter-in-law. Although it’s left her so exhausted that ‘wine o’clock’ comes a little earlier each afternoon . . .
Her sister Coco runs a vintage dress shop and has shied away from commitment over the years. Coco believes men complicate things, and she’s got enough to contend with. Until a face from her past returns.
Watching over them is grandmother Pearl, tucked away in her little house in Delaney Square. But something is keeping her awake at night. Was she right to do what she did all those years ago?
And then there’s Elsa, the polished face of daytime TV, who’s battled demons of her own in the past and come out on top. Now Elsa faces one final fight – but it will require more bravery than anything which has come before.

Today is my turn on the blog tour for this fantastic beautifully written book.

Thank you to Elaine at Orion for having me ! 

She has kindly sent me a copy of the book to giveaway so details of that coming up…

I am going to be sharing my review from last year .

Do check out the other blogs taking part and enjoy .

I won this on Goodreads and as I hadn’t read any of her books before I didn’t know what to expect .Well this book and author has blown me away and it goes to show as readers we should always be open minded .
This book had everything for me and I literally couldn’t put it down.
There were a lot of similarities to my own personal life so I could really relate to the sisters in many ways .When you feel that connection with a book its like the author is talking to you so thanks Cathy for writing this 🙂
There are a mixed bag of characters as well as the sisters and hey each bring their own slice of the pie and making the pages keep turning .
I simply adored this book and am glad I took the time in my child free break to really switch off from reality and escape.
I will definitely be reading more from this author .


Lucy has been desperate for a new heart for as long as she can remember . But getting that call to say a donor has been found will be a bittersweet relief: because for her to live , someone must die.

Julia, Helen and phoebe  have been friends for all their lives ,through Helen’s unexpected pregnancy ,the sudden death of phoebes mother ,and Julia’s desperation to conceive with her much younger husband . Yet a deep friendship can hide many secrets , and as their relationship reaches crisis point ,what has long been buried is going to come bubbling to the surface .

I picked this up by chance in the library yesterday as I had left my book at home …mistake !

I read this within the day and loved it .

Amanda writes about issues that are thought-provoking and real .

This is a book filled with complex characters and you kind of know early on that the fate of one of them isn’t great . Through the story we get to know these charactars and their personal journeys and battles .

The story is layered and we unveil the layers to reveal the truth in more ways than one.

I was riveted and compelled by these characters in particular phoebe who has had a tough start to life and is still trying to find her own identity .

A book about family ,friends ,secrets and a big debate of whats right and wrong ? ands is it that black and white .




img_2505Adrianna is just 14 years old when she is forced to leave everything she loves behind .

Experienced foster carer Casey Watson is used to caring for children from broken families but when teenager Adrianna arrives on her doorstep with no possessions ,no English and no explanation of how she came to be there, Casey finds herself struggling to make sense of the situation .

It will be a few weeks before she starts getting the shocking answers to her questions As she discovers the terrible truth about this runaway girl and the dark place she’s managed to escape from.

But even as she frantically attempts to protect her caseys terrified this frightened girl will run away again ….

Firstly thank you to Jasmine from Harper Collins for sending me a copy to review. 

I am a huge fan of caseys books so was delighted to be able to read.

Despite her books clearly being about hard times and  enotional reading parts her books are always such a joy to read. I love how we are always welcomed into her home and family and over the years you get to know them as much as the foster kids.

Casey sounds like such a inspirational warm kind and caring woman and I can honestly say I reckon those kids she cares for will thank her . Through caseys loving home environment and being non judgmental and supportive she is able to provide shelter and respite for children who may not have had that.

Another reason why I’ve loved her books and relate so much is through my own personal experience as a child.

This story sees Casey build Adrianna up nurture her until she’s ready to fly her own wings. There’s a lot at stake for this teenager and she’s experienced things that make you shudder. But despite this harrowing start to her life she is a girl with a spark and hope for her future. Casey and her family are able to assist in making this a reality … but will it be enough? …

As always a inspirational account of hope ,love and care.

As a adult I would like to say thank you to those like Casey who dedicate their time and energy into providing homes and hugs for these children. It was me once and some of my happiest memories are from time spent in my long term foster home .

We can take for granted that each child is loved,fed and nurtured.

Reading books like this will enable people who haven’t had the insight to see what it can be like. 

Also how not all foster kids are naughty etc which is the case of Adrianna . These are children who just need some reassurance  and hope .

Keep the books coming 😀

This is published tomorrow October 20th 


Andy Boyd thinks he is the luckiest man alive . Widowed with a young child , after his wife dies in childbirth ,he is certain that he will never again experience true love. Then he meets Anna . Fiesty fun and beautiful , she’s his perfect match … and she loves his son like he is her own . When Andy ends up in hospital on his wedding night , he receives his first clue anna is not all that she seems. Desperate for that happy ever after ,he ignores it. A dangerous mistake that could cost him everything .

Firstly a huge thank you to karen at orenda books for surprising me with a copy to review .

I had seen lots of praise for this book so I was eager to get stuck in! 

This is a book …scrap that a masterpiece that will stay with you a long time after finishing .

I worry I won’t be able to do justice to it by my words alone .

I read this cover to cover under5 hours stopping to feed kids …and other essentials …

This blew my mind, made my jaw drop and my skin crawl.

On a personal note I can relate all to well to Andy and I did cry and feel all his pain .

Suffocation and feeling trapped are a common theme in many senses of the words when it comes to abusive relationships … Michael has been able to capture those feelings with words …

This will have a shock and wow factor as it’s a incredible chilling disturbing addictive read but also because this does happen … in the real world .

Many people that look in and question why and how?  Reading Andys story will attempt to show u and make you understand .

It’s difficult,messy and complex in so many ways . Love and being loved make you do silly things … how quickly and easily does it go beyond that line? 

I got out of my trapped situation and feel fortunate to be able to review a book telling that story .

It’s fantastic that authors are writing about real issues and especially in all situations .

This was a book that had me hooked instantly and just couldn’t put down.

Brilliantly written and a real mix of charactars. Charactars that will make your mind tick and haunt you and others that you will love .

I can’t wait to read more from this author who has certainly put his stamp in the psychological thriller world .

I wish him every success with this book and again thank you to karen for allowing me to be part of spreading the word .


Anonymous ,alone ,and fearing for her life .

As PC Lucy Clayburn is about to find out ,going undercover is the most dangerous work there is .

But on the trail of a profilic female serial killer ,there’s no other option- and these murders are as brutal as they come.

Lucy must step into the line of fire – a stranger in a criminal underworld that butchers anyone who crosses the line .

And unknown to Lucy ,she’s already treading it…

Firstly a big thank you to Helena at avon for not only sending me a copy to review but having me on the blog tour .

This is the first of Paul’s books I’ve read and I look forward to reading more! It’s always exciting to discover different authors and that’s one of the bonuses of being a book blogger.

 I saw lots of bloggers and authors praising this book so I was very excited to get started.

It had me hooked from start to finish . A real page turner filled with chilling content.

This is addictive writing and gruesome .

A great range of characters especially our leading lady who turns her hand to anything . However at what cost ??

We start the book fascinated about who the killer is however as the pages turn we get hooked into finding out more about Lucy. Who is she? What’s her history ? 

Loved reading about the murky dark world of undercover ,certainly an eye opener .

A gory read with a lot of blood spilling off the pages and completely gripping .

Please do check out the other blogs on the tours .

Book review the stranger in my home by Adele parks 

Alison is lucky and she knows it. She has the life she’s always craved,including a happy home with Jeff and their brilliant, vivacious teenage daughter, Katherine-the absolute centre of Alison’s world.

Then a knock at the door ends life as they know it.

Fifteen years ago,someone else took Alison’s baby from the hospital . And now Alison is facing the unthinkable.

The daughter she brought home doesn’t belong to her.

Firstly a huge heartfelt thank you to Georgina at headline for providing me with a amazing proof copy . I also had a Signed card from Adele herself so I totally fangirled over that!

I am a huge fan of her books however I haven’t read her recent releases as they have been of a slightly different genre .

So I was so delighted to be reading one of her books that is her fantastic fresh contemporary fiction .

I picked it up this morning reading it as and when I could and I couldn’t put it down! 

I had to keep reading until I knew what was going to happen.

This is An amazing book ,has all of what you would expect from a Adele parks book but with added darkness! 

This is gripping addictive and makes you really think? 

One of the running themes throughout I felt was identity and who am I?

I could really relate due to my childhood

 and you can see the difficulties presented for each character .

This book will grab you ,make you think you know where it’s going have you liking the charactars to them have it all twisted around.

A incredible shocking read with events that will leave the reader on the edge of their seat !

Published 9th February