Book review if the dress fits by daisy james

Firstly thank you to Carina for kindly sending me a copy to review 

The cover is so pretty and everything about this book speaks romance .

I loved the concept of a Cinderella style storyline in between other plots happening.

Great characters especially Callie the leading lady .

She’s got a few life lessons to learn and they are not going to be easy . 

Will she allow herself the chance to love again and what will she do when difficult choices have to be made?

This book is a fresh voice of fiction with humour ,friendship ,family and romance .

A refreshing read which will lift your spirits ūüôā 

I look forward to reading more from Daisy . 


The ebook bestseller is back with her next riotously funny read! Get your hands on the ONLY book you need this summer.

Katy Peacock lives a life as colourful as her name.

As a wedding photographer, she spends her days making other people smile as she captures all sorts of fun and capers at celebrations that range from the wacky to the wild.

But her own life isn’t looking quite so rosy. Her mum is acting out of character, her menacing ex is back on the scene, and she is torn between two gorgeous men. And that’s before we even get started on the trouble her sister is causing . . .

As Katy weathers the ups and downs of the season, she revisits problems from the past, discovers new friendships and finds that four weddings and a fiasco have the power to change her world beyond measure.

A funny, feel-good read, perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond and Jenny Colgan

Firstly thanks to Avon for sending me  a copy to review .

The cover is such a striking colour and will be very eye-catching on the shelves .

Apologies for the slight delay in treading this as the day I relieved it I had broken up from my boyfriend so needed to take some time to get head clear .

I whizzed through this and loved it!

Katy is a great leading lady and there are some great characters who provide funny moments and help Katy through a tough patch .

I enjoyed the different weddings and all the fun and games they create for Katy .

Then we have Katys love life and the rather handsome Gabe who I was swooning for straight away .

But will sparks be flying for them or is that just their cameras??

Perfect feel good summer read .

Romance ,friendships ,secrets and family are all the key factors which make this a perfect read .

I look forward to reading more of this lady’s books .



Bryony Gordon has OCD.

It’s the snake in her brain that has told her ever since she was a teenager that her world is about to come crashing down: that her family might die if she doesn’t repeat a phrase 5 times, or that she might have murdered someone and forgotten about it. It’s caused alopecia, bulimia, and drug dependency. And Bryony is sick of it. Keeping silent about her illness has given it a cachet it simply does not deserve, so here she shares her story with trademark wit and dazzling honesty.

A hugely successful columnist for the Telegraph, a bestselling author, and a happily married mother of an adorable daughter, Bryony has managed to laugh and live well while simultaneously grappling with her illness. Now it’s time for her to speak out. Writing with her characteristic warmth and dark humour, Bryony explores her relationship with her OCD and depression as only she can.

Mad Girl is a shocking, funny, unpredictable, heart-wrenching, raw and jaw-droppingly truthful celebration of life with mental illness.

I read this a week ago and the irony is not being able to write a review about mental illness because of your own …

This book is a must for everyone but especially those who have suffered or are suffering but also to those close to them . I wished I had read this years ago as it feels like Bryony has written down the thoughts and feelings that float around our heads .

I don’t think you can write a review on this book without disclosing something personal .So briefly ,I have had an eating disorder and been on antidepressants since I have been a mum .I’ve had post natal depression ,anxiety and more recently a breakdown with psychogenic seizures .¬† Ive had lots of counselling but ive also got certificates from studying psychology and counselling . ¬†I have wanted and still do want to help one day those that are struggling because not only is mental illness a invisible illness it’s also very isolating .

It can be scary and there are times when you want to give up and escape the prison that is your mind .

I believe that if there is any way we can gain comfort or solidarity we should take it ,and authors and people in the media are key figures to do this .They are using their platform in a productive way to get their voices heard on an issue where there is still such a stigma .

I cried reading this and I just want to say thank you for writing this .

But Bryony has also gone one step further and created a social group for people to meet regularly which is incredible .

There were lots of parts I wanted to quote but since reading this I had a few days of darkness and a head fog so I thought where better to be real and honest than a review for a book which does what others don’t .

This book is raw and hard-hitting and will touch people on a personal level or give those who want a deeper understanding that opportunity .

I loved hearing about her wild days and bryony has a humour which you can see and I bet that helped hide her turmoil .

I can relate  a lot  to how she saw herself and how she treated others .

If this gets one more person talking about mental illness then Bryony has done her job.






‘I can’t take my eyes off the water. Can you?’

It’s summer when Elm Hill lido opens, having stood empty for years. For Natalie Steele – wife, mother, teacher – it offers freedom from the tightly controlled routines of work and family. Especially when it leads her to Lara Channing, a charismatic former actress with a lavish bohemian lifestyle, who seems all too happy to invite Natalie into her elite circle.

Soon Natalie is spending long days at the pool, socializing with new friends and basking in a popularity she didn’t know she’d been missing. Real life, and the person she used to be, begins to feel very far away.

But is such a change in fortunes too good to be true? Why are dark memories of a summer long ago now threatening to surface? And, without realizing, could Natalie have been swept dangerously out of her depth?





I was so excited to read this especially hearing nothing but great reviews on it .

I discovered Louise only last year when I won a copy of the sudden departure of the Frasers  . That immediately had me hooked onto her writing .

The swimming pool has it all for me ,the title had me excited as an avid swimmer . The cover is striking and sets the tone for the story.

This is suffocating and  chilling and I  had to take a deep breath when I turned that final page .

I was hooked instantly!

Louise’s writing has the ability to leave you feeling emotionally drained and that you enter someone’s life .

Within this book the dynamics of family especially within raising a teenage daughter are looked at which i can relate to.

But also the friendships we make at different stages of our lives and why we make them??

We watch her transform her life in one summer in the aftermath of developing a new friendship.

At what cost does this new popularity come ? 

I loved loved this book and I need to read all her back catalogue.

This gets right under your skin and makes fascinating reading 


‘I loved the sultry sensuous feeling of being in Havana so much that reading about it makes me want to go there. A fascinating story with engaging themes’ Dinah Jefferies, #1 bestselling author of The Tea Planter’s Wife

Cuba, 1958. Elisa is only sixteen years old when she meets Duardo and she knows he’s the love of her life from the moment they first dance the rumba together in downtown Havana. But Duardo is a rebel, determined to fight in Castro’s army, and Elisa is forced to leave behind her homeland and rebuild her life in distant England. But how can she stop longing for the warmth of Havana, when the music of the rumba still calls to her?

England, 2012. Grace has a troubled relationship with her father, whom she blames for her beloved mother’s untimely death. And this year more than ever she could do with a¬†shoulder to¬†cry on – Grace’s career is in flux, she isn’t sure she wants the baby her husband is so desperate to have and, worst of all, she’s begun to develop feelings for their best friend Theo. Theo is a Cuban born magician but even he can’t make Grace’s problems disappear. Is the passion Grace feels for Theo enough to risk her family’s happiness?

From bestselling author Rosanna Ley comes an exotic tale of love, family and friendship set between England and Cuba.

I was so pleased when I was accepted to be part of the Quercus summer reading challenge and couldn’t wait to start .

I haven’t read anything from this author so was like going on a blind date not knowing what to expect .The verdict was a huge¬† thumbs up and I cant wait to read more from this beautiful writer .

I read it in one evening ,the pages just had to be turned as I was whisked into the lives of the characters.

This book has it all romance ,secrets ,history ,family and exotic locations .

Forbidden love is a running theme and making difficult decisions ,who do you put first ?

My favourite character was Grace who has had a difficult childhood and a hard relationship with her dad .I could relate to her somewhat though I haven’t been in her shoes when it comes to her love life . She has to make some tough choices and at what cost will it be to make the right one ? You go on a journey with her not only on a plane but an emotional one as I feel she grows a lot within the book .


The writing enables you to easily picture  yourself in cuba in different eras  which I really enjoyed .

There is tragedy and heartache but also hope and love  , just all the ingredients for a  great summer read .

Hugely recommend and a big thank you to Quercus for sending me a copy .

Next month i will recieve another book so keep eyes open for that review .






Nightingale Books, nestled on the high street in the idyllic Cotswold town of Peasebrook, is a dream come true for booklovers.

But owner Emilia Nightingale is struggling to keep the shop open. The temptation to sell up is proving enormous – but what about the promise she made to her father? Not to mention the loyalty she owes to her customers.
Sarah Basildon, owner of stately pile Peasebrook Manor, has used the book shop as an escape from all her problems in the past few years. But is there more to her visits than meets the eye?

Since messing up his marriage, Jackson asks Emilia for advice on books to read to the son he misses so much. But Jackson has a secret, and is not all he seems…

And there’s Thomasina, painfully shy, who runs a pop-up restaurant from her tiny cottage. She has a huge crush on a man she met and then lost in the cookery section, somewhere between Auguste Escoffier and Marco Pierre White. Can she find the courage to admit her true feelings?

How to Find Love in a Book Shop is the delightful story of Emilia’s fight to keep her book shop alive, the customers whose lives she has touched – and the books they all love.


I am absolutely delighted to be reviewing this book as it celebrates everything booky and this book for me is one of the best for a bookworm. A big thank you to Elaine for sending me a copy .  But also thanks to Veronica for brilliantly writing it .

The words literally are able to encapsulate how we bookworms feel about our love of books .


I whizzed through it as I couldn’t put it down .

The characters all brought their own stories were all very interesting to read ,for me my favourite was Emilia who was a very strong leading female left with some difficult decisions . Should she follow her heart or her head?

The setting was beautiful and you could imagne being there and how the bookshop grew to be a central part of the town .

Each character has their own troubles and past and find comfort some way or another in the book shop .

This celebrates love of books and what joy they bring to us ,whether your a avid reader or a newbie .

Even weeks on from finishing this I feel a love and passion for this book .

This book is about dreams old and new and the beauty of them in whatever form.

A beautiful story and one I will always treasure and it really shows how magical bookshops and books are.








Dear me

You are going to feel pain and hurt …you have been here before remember ?  Feeling like that pain will never fade … It did and so shal this .

You wouldn’t be you …wonderful quirky emotional sensitive you who wears her guard high but dropped it for what she thought was a good thing .

And yes it may have been a good thing for more …

But remember that knot in your stomach ,that sense of unease ,that feeling you know you can’t live by.

Not being enough .

Question that always because you have worked so hard to believe in yourself and be proud !

You are a strong woman a mum a friend intelligent loyal and your accept  you have flaws .

You achieved so much before him and you will achieve so much after ! 

Nothing is permanent except your love for your children and yourself

Yes you are going to have bad moments and memories and miss him and what he offered you .

You are human .we all want and need affection and love .

But at what cost?

Remember that feeling of second guessing and questioning yourself ??!!! 

Right now getting into bed by 9.30 knowing he’s out there probable not thinking of you and having to let your son down.

You have done the hardest part now ….

Tom is a new day but don’t be angry if you cry and feel …..everything and anything .

You don’t know what the future brings ?

But you was brace and bold to face it even if facing it single 

Because you cared enough about you to stand up and speak up!!!

You walked out of a marriage ….this is a walk in park !!

Remember your good qualities and take time to allow them to shine again .

You will be ok I promise.

Love from me xx


At their family hilltop villa, Lucy awaits the arrival of her brother and sister for their mother’s annual birthday party. Although this time, their mother won’t be there.

Struggling at Malaga airport with her fractious four year old, Jo has already lost her case and is dreading arriving without its precious contents.

For Tom, returning to Casa de Sue√Īos stirs up all sorts of memories – then a beautiful face from his past appears . . .

Over one long, hot weekend, past secrets will spill out as three siblings discover more about their family and each other in this gorgeous, warm and witty new novel from Fanny Blake.

Firstly thanks to Orion for having me on this summery blog tour and my copy of the book.

I’m not sure if I have read any of this authors books before so was looking forward to starting this one .The cover is stunning and really sets the scene of the storyline .

This is a story of family and the secrets that can be revealed .

A great summer read perfect to escpae¬† with as its set in spain and if like me your not able to whisk Fannys writing can ūüôā

Tensions build as the temperature rises and everyone has their own dilemmas and stress .

This was a slow burner for me but is a layered read which gives real insight into other families and what happens after a death of a loved one .

As part of my turn on this blog tour I’m pleased to share with you a look into how Fanny researched this book .

Researching House of Dreams was particularly tough since most of the research had be done over a gorgeous sunny few days in southern Spain …
In the novel, three siblings return to their childhood home to celebrate their late mother’s last birthday in traditional fashion as she wanted but also to scatter her ashes. Unfortunately her ashes are lost in transit. Over the course of a long weekend all sorts of family secrets spill out that will change the way the siblings see themselves and each other. I wanted a setting that would be remote, beautiful but also easily reachable from the UK.
Their bohemian mother grew up in the sixties and, in her twenties, went to live in Ibiza before eventually moving to southern Spain where she settled with her husband, an artist, and three children. Her house, Casa de Sue√Īos or House of Dreams, is at the heart of the novel.
The novel is set in a beautiful part of rural southern Spain, in the mountains that rise up behind the ribbon of residential development that hugs the coastline. I chose it because I have always remembered visiting the region some years ago when I went with my mother on a walking holiday there. We spent a week making our way through cork forests, visiting idyllic white villages, following goat tracks over mountains until we eventually fetched up in the town of Rondaperched above the plain.


But memories, a few old photos and Googlemaps weren’t enough. Although they were helpful, I wanted to be there again to soak up the atmosphere, the sounds, the sights and the smells.


I rented a small house in Gaucín, a white village with views across the countryside all the way to the coast. On a clear day, you can see the coast of Africa where the lights twinkle at night. I found a birdwatcher and walking guide who took me on a walk through a cork oak forest, the trees trunks stripped of their bark. He pointed out the different birds and butterflies while I made frantic notes about them and the wildflowers that were everywhere. In the evenings, I’d sit on the terrace, glass of wine at hand, watching the swallows swoop and turn above the terracotta roofs.


I visited three different houses in the area that belonged to ex-pats generous

enough to show me around them and tell me about their experience of moving there from the UK. When it came to writing the book, I designed my own house and located it on the hill side just below Gaucín. My characters take the walks I took, visit versions of the restaurants I visited and eat the food I ate, and most of all they see, hear and smell much of what I did.
Did I say Researching House of Dreams was tough? I lied. I had a great time in a wonderful part of the world, and I hope that comes across in the novel.
House of Dreams (Orion) by Fanny Blake is out on June 2nd

Do check out the other blogs taking part House of Dreams Blog Tour Paperback (1).jpg






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