Jo Milne had already lived a lifetime surrounded by silence, profoundly deaf from birth, when she began to lose her sight. Just before turning thirty, Jo was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, a rare genetic and progressive condition that will one day rob her of her sight altogether.

In 2014 she made a life-changing decision to undergo major surgery. She had cochlear implants fitted allowing her to hear for the first time. Every moment of Jo’s days since the operation has become a journey of discovery.

Over 12 million people watched the poignant video of the moment that 39 year old Jo Milne’s cochlear implants were switched on allowing her to hear for the first time in her life.

Breaking the Silence is a remarkable and beautifully written memoir that will serve as an inspiration to everyone who reads it. By turns, heart-breaking and heart-warming, it is the incredibly uplifting life-story of a woman who refused to give up hope and always lives life with a smile upon her face.

Watch Jo hear for the first time here:

Firsly thanks to Jenni at Hodder for sending me a copy to review .

This is a incredible life affirming book which will always stay with me .

If this doesn’t inspire you I don’t know what will .

Jo tells her journey with such warmth and wit ,not an ounce of self pity .

As a mum of a autistic son I know only too well the difficulties of a hidden disability as a child .It was lovely to read her accounts as a toddler .

A emotional powerful read especially when she learns she not only cant hear but soon her sight will be lost .Having to readjust in the world once more sounded so difficult and I have so much respect for her and those like her.

We learn about her great work helping others in similar situation.

A must read and it will definitely leave its mark on you and makes you re-evaluate your outlook on the world.






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