‘What is the world, then, of the weekend wife?’ asked Emily.
‘Secrets, there will be secrets. Not necessarily serious ones, but the triviality of them almost makes them worse. Someone will start smoking. One of you will see an ex and for some unknown reason decide not to tell the other one and before you know it, it’s become a thing.’ Laura sighed. ‘None of it really matters, I know, when I say it like that, but it all chips away.’
‘Still, those sort of secrets, like you say, they’re not anything serious, you know, like…’ Emily paused, unable to say the word out loud.
‘Like an affair?’ said Laura. ‘Oh god, this set-up is a recipe for adultery, don’t you think?’

A few months ago, Emily and her husband sold their house in the city and bought a place in the country. But Emily didn’t know that it would sometimes feel like a move to another country altogether. Moreover, with Matt working in the city from Monday-Friday, and only coming home to her and the kids at the weekend, Emily is suddenly plunged into the world of a ‘weekend wife’. With all the obstacles . . . and secrets . . . that brings with it.

Firstly thanks to Hodder and book bridgr for sending me a copy to review .

I haven’t read any of this authors work before and one of the many amazon things of being a book blogger is discovering new authors .

One of the wives I could really relate to and found myself getting quite cross .

The wives are all  very different which makes the book interesting as they all have varying outlooks on life and their families .

A enjoyable read which made my nutty pup look realtively normal in comparision to the dog featured in this book .

All their lives are stuck in some way or another and we follow them all on a journey .

A story of friendship ,new beginnings and the great countryside .



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