Time to talk day

Well today is a good a day than any to have a bit of a offload about mental health and in particular what’s been happening to me .

It is nothing to be ashamed of though this last week I’ve certainly felt different .

My thoughts and feelings have ranged from depression ,guilt ,despair and to be honest failure .

As many know ive had a lot on my plate. Though when haven’t I .Well it would seem this pressure cooker has reached its limit and come to a head last week .

I have been having what is called pseudoseizures  or non eplicitic attacks .  yep I hadn’t a clue either what this was .

Its been very scary as my whole body has been affected which has fed into the emotions and feelings I described above .

I had 2 hospital visits and my children had to witness me in a bad way .

There’s a lot more I can say but my head still very fuzzy .

I am now under mental health home intervention team and have upcoming assessments etc .

In short I have reached my limit and as a coping mechanism my mind shut down and experienced dissociation .

It really is quite remarkable  the impact stress has on the body both emotionally and physically .

I have tried to be   supermum for too long and sorry but I need to hand the cape in lol

Its ok to not be ok and reach out for help .

This last week with no kids ive had chance to take stock and breathe .

Changes need to be made and hopefully the wheels are in motion .

I have had years of coping being strong and have managed to control my depression .

But this has shown me we as humans really have our limits.

I don’t know what the future will hold and how much these seizures etc are going to be present but its been a wake up call .

Time to slow down ,prioritise, self care and BREATHE.







4 comments on “Time to talk day

  1. That was a very honest post, and I very glad that you are getting help. You are absolutely right that you need to look after yourself, so that you can be the best you can for your kids and for you. You are still a super Mum, but for now you need to take care of yourself.
    Sending love and best wishes.
    Amanda. xx

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