could just imagine my mother’s face when she saw me – her troublemaking youngest daughter, the university dropout who worked in a bar – turning up hung-over and in a ridiculously tiny miniskirt… Ah, to be the black sheep of the family…

Eight years ago, Charlie lost her brother in a mountaineering accident. She’s come a long way since, or rather has fallen a long way down… A drop out, an alcoholic and promiscuous to boot, she is a constant disappointment to her family.

Eight years ago, Richard Davenport watched his best friend die. Now a successful businessman, he’s never forgotten the promise he made to Charlie’s brother that he would keep her safe. But how do you go about saving someone hell-bent on self-destruction?

One night Charlie goes too far and Richard is her only option for help. Can he break through and stop her lying to herself? Or will Charlie finally succeed in tumbling over the edge…

Firstly a big thanks to the team at Hotbed for sending me a copy of this, I hadn’t received anything from them for ages so it was lovely surprise .

Ill be honest I’ve not read anything in this genre for some time and it provided the perfect escape I needed .

I was hooked …so much so I read it in a few hours 🙂

I wasn’t sure what to expect as hadn’t read or even knew much about this author which just made it even more of a hit for me .

I loved it and I could relate to Charlie so much .

Excellent storyline and characters .

Richard is the perfect hero …swoonsvile !!

Handsome ,loyal ,caring ,sexy and above all sees the real Charlotte hiding under Charlie .

We all need that right ?

I was swept away and made my heart melt and go aww several times .

Great reading to keep you warm on a dark Februarys night .

Off to read anything everything this brilliant author has written .


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