happy pills


So after watching a program yesterday and hearing someone’s comments on antidepressants ,1.it made me quite annoyed and 2 I thought oo I can write about this .

I am on citalopram and have been since lynx was  a baby ,ive also been on Prozac prior to being on these.

Imagine how we feel when the weather is rubbish ,grey ,cold, cloudy wet …makes you miserable and lethargic yes?  Well imagine that in your head ?? every day all day and it also travels into your heart and body making It very hard to function . This is how I describe my illness ,and even though im on medication I still have cloudy days. However if I wasn’t on medication I dread to think how bad my head would be.

So when I heard this lady basically writing off all usage of antidepressants I thought how judgmental and narrow minded.

Every individual is different with different needs.

I know now that medication isn’t all I need ,I need exercise and things in my life that give me  boost. But without the medication there I wouldn’t be able to do the other things.

People especially in the media are so quick to judge and have a pop at antidepressants but for some people including me ,they work and get me through the day. My cloud is lifted 90 % of the time and for that im grateful .Imagine telling someone suffering from cancer that their treatment is just a placebo ? Well it wouldn’t happen would it,but because you cant see mental illness and the stigma surrounding it people still have ignorant opinion’s about help that we receive . I have always said if those surfing with mental illness could bandage their heads it would make it easier for those to understand our pain and suffering .

For me being on antidepressants works ,anyone reading who feels judged r scared to receive treatment for their illness,dont ! Im a busy single mum of 2 and im doing ok and it doesn’t make me a bad person taking that pill daily 🙂



2 comments on “happy pills

  1. Absolutely – am also on citalopram and feel like it’s given me my life back again, letting me be me again! This will have to change if I decide to have kids, any advice/thoughts appreciated.

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