I am a massive bookworm ,books have been my saviour in many dark times in my life but also something that fill me with joy .I love books always have and always will ,libraries make me feel calm amongst all the hectic bustle which is life .I love how through books Im able to live many lives and experience lots of things right in comfort of my own home .Books have the power to make u laugh ,cry ,smile and challenge your thoughts.  I have been reviewing books since early this year and am now very lucky to be getting sent review copies  and this has helped my cloudy head by giving it a focus 🙂

So with all my passion for books and reading I applied straight away to be a world book night giver and chose to give out one of my favourite authors books . I was very pleased and excited to be accepted and even more so when I got my big box of books ! I was like a kid at Christmas!!

The event was Wednesday 23rd April 2014 ,due to me having kids I gave my books out during the day and the rest of that week .I sent some to some friends and twitter followers ,gave to mums  at school ,mums at gingerbread gathering even at the hospital a&e department .

I felt very honoured and proud to be explaining the event and giving these books as I felt I was sharing my love for books and it gave me  a boost .

Hope all who took part and those who received books enjoyed 🙂





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