Computer says no !!

We all remener that little Britain sketch with David walliams as the lady who wasn’t very helpful in her jobs!! And it is funny on tv however in real life it’s not so funny!
Rudeness and no use of manners r things I hate .
My doctors receptionist are a joke and treat patients with very little respect .you can never get a appointment and they don’t go out their way to assist you .
Take this afternoon for example I took lynx to the chemist regarding a swollen sore on his thumb which appears to have got infected . The chemist said he needed to be seen by the doctors .so I thought il take him in there and wait if need to so he can get some medicine .
We got there about 3.45 to a deserted waiting room and the usual rude receptionist is there .so I explained the situation and was told with a straight face no there’s no appointments ….end of ! I asked of I could wait to see the doctor …was answered no ..
So I now have to take him off school for the morning so he can be seen at open surgery .WEll I was fuming as really could she not even have asked a dr to pop him down for quick appointment .
I can understand they are busy etc but it was the receptionist complete disinterest in my sons situation and her attitude !
In 2014 is it too much to ask to be greeted with manners and do people not want to help anymore?
Needless to say I will be complaining .

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