Long wkd !!

It’s been one of those weekends where I’ve felt the strain of being single parent . Pressure ,emotions running high ,arguments ,tears to name a few features of this wet January weekend .
I try very hard to make my children happy and at times I do question y I do it? Because when ur 12 year old is yelling in your face all the wrong u do it’s so hard to focus and remember the good u do to.
That’s the thing I feel the strain with most as being a single parent is having no one to turn to ,to hold me physically and emotionally . When all you have are your kids and they decide they don’t like you what do you do???
I suffer with depression and anxiety so it’s often a battle in itself to b positive !
I think if there wasn’t outlets like twitter I would crack up ! People may read my tweets and think god she’s negative ! I’m really not it’s just sometimes that is my sounding off place 😦
It gets very lonely at timeS and u question and doubt everything you do and there’s no break !

But anyway heres to a good week which I am starting my swimming back up after a long break due to illness and Xmas .i must admit I’m nervous about going again but know I will reap the rewards of going 🙂

For those who follow me on twitter will notice I have been doing the 100 happy days challenge which is a fantastic idea.i must admit some days are easier than others but it really does make you mindful of the positive even if something little .






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