Nameless. Faceless. Deadly?

Waitress Kit Lowman knows that people look down on her and the job she does. But being anonymous offers Kit safety and security and allows her own terrible secrets to remain hidden.

And then Kit’s luck changes, and she suddenly faces a terrible dilemma: reveal her true identity and accept that life will never be the same. Or stay in the shadows…where she hopes she’ll be safe?

But secrets can’t stay hidden forever. And the more Kit tries to hide away, the more someone makes it clear that they are going to make her pay for what she did.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review. I’ve read some of Ninas previous books so was excited for this.

A dream prize..would instantly make you happy..yes??

A rollercoaster of emotions as we delve into the before and after narrative of what’s led her here.

Very gripping and unpredictable. Thought provoking fast paced and incredibly written.

I loved it and wish Nina every success with this release.

Published 21st July


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