Three letters. Two mistakes. One Last chance.

When Jennifer Cole is told she has three months to live she decides to write three letters sharing the desires, fears and frustrations she has always kept to herself. And at first she finds that telling the truth makes her feel free and liberated.

But three months later, Jennifer’s secrets are alive and out in the world… and so is she. As she discovers, sometimes the truth has a way of surprising you…

Firstly thank you to Georgina for my copy to review and sorry in my delay in reading .

What a refreshing,funny,witty life affirming book . I loved it .

Fantastic characters and a great original concept.

I whizzed through this and highly recommend.

This will give you the push needed to do those things you keep putting off . Also it shows how standing up for yourself can be a good thing.

Packed with warmth and humour this is perfect summer read.

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