How do you live with yourself as an adult when you were convicted of murder as a child?

And when you can’t remember the crime…

Charlotte wants a fresh start. She wants to forget her past, forget her crime – and, most of all, forget that one terrible moment.

It’s the reason she’s been given a new name, a new life. The reason she spent years in prison.

But even on the outside, with an ankle monitor and court-mandated therapy, she can’t escape the devastating memory of the night that turned her and her only friend into national hate figures.

But now her friend has found her.

And despite the lies she tells to survive, she soon finds herself being dragged deeper and deeper into a past she cannot confront.

Even if it’s going to cost Charlotte her life…

Firstly a huge thank you to Amy who asked me if i would like a proof copy …. erm.yes please!! Especially after loving her debut.

I whizzed through this at a record speed needing to know the truth.

Its a book that gets right under your skin and whose charactars leave a imprint on you.

I absolutely loved this. Gripping chilling and packed with tension.

The alternate narratives both person and timeline kept the storyline fresh and fast paced.

Completely unpredictable and thought provoking.

You feel sympathy for those that in the real world you would be incredibly fast to hate.

Published 4th april and wish her every success

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