A shocking betrayal deserves a wicked revenge . . .
Stunning, charismatic Lexy O’Brien is the reigning queen of British reality TV. Her life in front of the camera is planned and manipulated as successfully as any military assault.
But success breeds jealousy. When you’re on top, the only way is down and there’s always someone standing by to give you a shove . . .
Dowdy Caroline Evans, a part-time blogger and writer of erotic fiction, is brought in to chronicle Lexy’s life. Being taken under Lexy’s wing is a dream come true for Caroline. But sampling the star’s lifestyle is like tasting the most addictive of drugs, and it’s not long before she is craving what she can’t possibly have – or can she?
And as Caroline and Lexy’s lives and loves become increasingly entwined, it’s only a matter of time before the hidden rivalry becomes a powder keg waiting to explode . . .

Firstly a big thank you to Frances for my copy to review . Apologies in my delay in getting to it, I think I was under the impression this was a sequel and I haven’t read the previous book. Plus it’s summer hols so days are blending into weeks .

But I finally picked it up yesterday and wow….. I was not expecting that. Steamy sexy  and full of scandal.

This is not for the easily offended readers out there as Rebecca does not hold back when it comes to writing a passionate scene .

I whizzed through it , loved every page .

The characters at the start are like chalk and cheese but that difference begins to decrease the more time they spend together .

As a reader my loyalties shifted from one lady to another and this really shows the ugly side of Greed and fame .

How far will someone go to get what someone else has?? At what cost?

This book has it all and will leave you wanting more …. of her books of course 😉 . Will certainly be reading more of her books.

Can’t recommend enough for a fun hot summer read .

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