Sometimes you have to go back, to move forwards.

Tabby is stuck. She still lives in the small town she grew up in . . . the town she’s barely ever left.

So, when her dad drops a bombshell over their weekly Sunday dinner, Tabby takes a look at her own life. She lives firmly in her comfort zone and doesn’t know how to break out. Sometimes she wishes she could go back and start all over again.

When she meets Bea, a free spirit like no one else she’s ever known with an ‘interesting’ sense of style, Tabby quickly befriends her, recognising in Bea the change she’s been craving. But soon it becomes clear that more has changed than her new friend. Somehow Tabby has been transported back to the 1980s.

With the chance to reinvent herself in another time, will Tabby finally manage to move forward?

Firstly a big thank to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. I have been looking forward to a new Louise book . I loved her wilde series which really earned Louise the respect deserved as a writer.

I have just finished this in one sitting… it’s so good.

Life affirming uplifting and packed with magical moments.

Reminds you life is fragile and special.

Cleverly written as the dots are connected.. as a whovian this really hit the spot unlike anything else out there.

I could relate to having a difficult partner and reading her journey of finding her voice was amazing .

The retro 80s vibes , the layers of secrets and a excellent best friend are all the ingredients for a great book.

I absolutely can’t wait to meet Louise on her publication day.

Published 21st July and I wish her every success with this.


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