In this room, no one can hear you scream…

The Serial Crimes Unit are called in to investigate when a local pastor is found stabbed to death. As DI Henley assesses the crime scene, she discovers a hidden door that conceals a room set up for torture – and bound to the bed in the middle of the room is the body of a man.

When another body is found, also tied down, Henley realises there’s someone out there torturing innocent people and leaving them for dead. But why?

There’s nothing that connects the victims. They didn’t know each other. Their paths never crossed. But someone has targeted them, and it’s up to Henley and the SCU to stop them before they find another binding room…

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review. I loved her debut crime fiction which was book 1 in this series .

I still enjoy fact it is set very local to me , it certainly enhances the readers experience when they can picture the scene .

Gritty, gripping and packed with bloody crime scenes.

Had the pleasure of meeting Nadine last night … she is way too smiley to be creating these dark tales!

Fast paced ,thrilling and completely unpredictable.

It’s great to learn more about DI Henley in book 2 as we unravel the case and those working on it.

Her writing is fresh, exciting ,gritty and keeps you turning the pages.

Published 7th July and wish her every success with this release.

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