To those who think they know her, Eliza Curran has it all: two healthy children, a stunning home and a wealthy, adoring husband. No one would guess the reality of her life: trapped in an unhappy marriage to a controlling man, she longs for a way out.

When she takes on a new tenant, her life changes unexpectedly. Dan Jones is charming and perceptive, and quickly becomes a close friend to the whole family.

But Dan’s arrival threatens to tip Eliza’s fragile world out of balance. And when someone has as many secrets as Eliza does, the smallest slip could destroy everything . . .

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley.  I’m a big fan of Emma’s books so was thrilled to read.

I raced through most of this tonight in the bath…just wow what read.

On the surface they look like the perfect family but appearances can be deceiving. When a new arrival turns up one day it has devasting consequences.

Completely unpredictable and addictive. Twisty and gripping this will have you hooked.

I have been in a relationship like Elizas so I of course was cheering her on throughout. Its thought provoking and puts you in her shoes .

Cleverly written and excellent in terms of pace and plot. I highly recommend this if you love a good psychological thriller that you can really get your teeth into.

Published 22nd July

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