What if keeping her safe means losing her forever?

Juliet only wanted to see her childhood home one more time – to look at it from the street. She never intended to meet the new owners, let alone inveigle herself into a position as their new live-in nanny. But it’s too late now to tell the truth about who she really is.

Six-year-old Kitty has progressive mutism and cannot speak. Nobody knows why she keeps making silent phone calls to the police. Juliet makes it her mission to find out.

As Juliet settles into the house, nostalgia for her childhood gives way to uneasiness, as troubling memories surface. She begins to realise that her new employers have a connection to her own past, and family secrets she has tried hard to forget. And she is horrified to learn that they have a secret too – one which could blow their world apart.

Juliet faces an impossible choice. Keeping Kitty safe will cost more than she could ever have imagined.

Firstly a huge thank you to Lucy for personally reaching out to me to send a beautiful package with her new book.

I read a large chunk of this on my way home from dropping my daughter at university so it was just what I needed.

This is a fantastic read which is jam-packed with twists and turns .You think the story is heading one way to be taken another.

Chilling in places and completely unpredictable. Cleverly written and paced. Gripping and intriguing from the very start. .

This shows the clear relationship between our childhood and who we become as a adult . Not only is this a portrayl of Juliet with herstruggles and identity ,but also of Kitty.

A complex tale of secrets, lies ,families,tragedy and love.

Highly recommend and published 5th October

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