Eleven murders. Twenty-five years ago.
Are some truths better left buried?

On 15th June 1994, Travis Green – husband, father, upstanding citizen – walked through the streets of Hartstead and killed eleven of his neighbours. The final victim was four-year-old Cassie Colman’s father.

As the twenty-five year anniversary approaches, Cassie would rather forget the past – even as her mother struggles to remember it at all. Then something hidden in her mother’s possessions suggests those eleven murders were not what everyone believes.

Once Cassie suspects she’s been lied to about the most important event of her life, she can’t stop digging up the past.

But someone will do anything to keep it buried .

Wow what a read ! I’ve loved her previous books so was excited to read this .

This has all the ingredients needed for a twisty psychological thriller.

How do you ever get over something so traumatic and life changing? And what do you do when a big anniversary of the event is getting nearer??

Who can Cassie trust ? Plus navigating her way as a new single mum and caring for her own mum life certainly feels full on .

Secrets,lies and the past are all in danger of being exposed but who is telling the truth.

A fantastic, exciting, dark and twisty read. Highly recommend if you love addictive unsettling books that leave you wanting more.

Published 5th August


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