One guilty secret will tear her life apart…

After a series of heart-breaking miscarriages, Kate’s marriage is hanging by a thread. When her husband Michael tells her he has shocking news, at first, she thinks the worst – he’s been having an affair. It would explain why he’s been so distant. Instead, he reveals that the daughter he abandoned twenty years ago is coming to stay.

Kate is blindsided by the sudden arrival of Imogen mere hours later. Her new stepdaughter is beautiful but troubled and seems wary of her own father. All the same, Kate is pleased to find herself connecting with Imogen, until one day, Imogen reveals a disturbing secret to her stepmother, making her swear never to tell a soul.

With Kate already keeping secrets of her own, she worries her marriage will crumble under the weight of another. But perhaps it’s not Imogen’s intrusion Kate should be worried about. Perhaps it’s Michael’s past she should have been looking at all along…

A completely addictive domestic suspense novel that will keep you guessing into the early hours of the morning. Perfect for fans of The Stepdaughter, Amanda Robson and Adele Parks.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. I’ve read her previous book and definitely will be reading more from her.

Whizzed through this and really enjoyed . Packed with secrets,lies and betrayal.

Sexy and scandalous this is a exciting read .

Unpredictable with twists and turns.

Published 8th April

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