‘Mental illness has led to some of the worst times of my life… but it has also led to some of the most brilliant. Bad things happen, but good things can come from them. And strange as it might sound, my mental health has been vastly improved by being mentally ill.’
From depression and anxiety to personality disorders, one in four of us experience mental health issues every year and, in these strange and unsettling times, more of us than ever are struggling to cope. In No Such Thing As Normal, Bryony offers sensible, practical advice, covering subjects such as sleep, addiction, worry, medication, self-image, boundary setting, therapy, learned behaviour, mindfulness and, of course – as the founder of Mental Health Mates – the power of walking and talking. She also strives to equip those in need of help with tools and information to get the best out of a poorly funded system that can be both frightening and overwhelming. The result is a lively, honest and direct guide to mental health that cuts through the Instagram-wellness bubble to talk about how each of us can feel stronger, better and just a little bit less alone.

Well shes done it again….Bryony is a bit of a hero of mine. Ive met her , have signed copies of a few books. Her soberity memoir was the first one i read when i realised I had a drinking problem. She writes from the heart and with sincerity and warm depth.

Her books should be prescribed for peoples mental health .

I loved the fact she included lockdown in this book and some of the difficulties being raised for people.

I have huge respect for her and her words and she definitely inspires the writer in me.

I highly recommend and definitely begs the question…what is normal??

Published 7th January

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