When Juliette Duffy became a single mother, she felt like her world had ended. Dreams of rose-covered cottages, rolling pins and two parents living with their own biological child were well and truly shattered.
But now Juliette is engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Alex Dalton, and everything is looking up. Juliette can’t wait to marry Alex and live happily ever after at the Dalton Estate.
The trouble is, Juliette isn’t the only one getting married this year. Her ex-partner, Nick, is getting married too and is trying his hardest to sabotage Juliette’s wedding day. Plus, there’s the small matter of the global Covid-19 pandemic.
Will Juliette get the wedding of her dreams? Or will Nick succeed in ruining yet another wedding day?

Firstly a big thank you to Suzy for my copy to review. I absolutely love this author with everything she writes and it really is a varied collection. She can do dark and twisty but then also lighter and funny.

This series is just what you need after 2021 . Funny and relatable.

A great mix of characters and written in diary form so its fresh and witty. I love how relevent it is to 2020 as well because as the reader can identify with laugh or get annoyed.

I’d quite like to be Juliette for the day and get my happy castle day …one can dream.

I highly recommend this series .

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