London’s latest art installation is a real killer . . .

An underground artist leaves three glass cabinets in Trafalgar Square that contain a gruesome installation: the corpses of three homeless men.

With the artist promising more to follow, newly-promoted Detective Inspector Grace Archer and her caustic DS, Harry Quinn, must race against time to follow what few clues have been left by a savvy killer.

As more bodies are exhibited at London landmarks and live streamed on social media, Archer and Quinn’s pursuit of the elusive killer becomes a desperate search.

But when Archer discovers that the killer might be closer than she originally thought – she realises that he has his sights set firmly on her . . .

He is creating a masterpiece. And she will be the star of his show.

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review. This is a fantastic debut and magnificent crime thriller. I read 2 debuts over the weekend and can forsee 2021 as a good year for books!

Incredibly clever and fresh voice but also the concept behind the plot. Eerie and chilling!

This gets under your skin and lingers in your mind.
My children are budding artists so was fascinating to read a darker side of art.

Be warned once you start you wont stop so cancel your plans. Addictive and compelling reading.

Highly recommend and can see it flying off the shelves. Perfect for fans of m craven and Helen fields.

Published February 4th

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