They call themselves The Host.
You are forced to play their game.
In it one person can live and the other must die.

You are the next player.
You have a choice to make.

This is a game where nobody wins…

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review. Im a huge fan of Darren’s books so was excited to read. Thank you for having me on the tour and do check out the other blogs taking part.

What a fantastic book that is guaranteed to not only have you racing through but also have your thoughts whirring.

As a psychology student im fascinated by human behaviour and Darren has expertly explored this in the premise and concept of his storyline.

Why do good people do bad things. Nature v nurture?

What makes people tick?

This book excited me and i highly reccomend. Unpredictable, clever ,twisty and menacing . Thought provoking and addictive.

Published 13th May and i wish him every success .

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