You can’t choose your family…

Jess and Laura might be sisters, but they’re very different people. Laura is laid-back, eats cheese in bed, and takes life as it comes. Jess, meanwhile, is the classic overachiever: Chief of Chivvying, Queen of all WhatsApp groups. They’re family, but they’re not exactly friends.

…but you can let them in.

When their mum dies, the sisters struggle to agree on anything, from where to scatter the ashes to whether “passed away” is an acceptable term. But as life forces them together, Laura and Jess realise: the only way through this is as a team. After all, they’re stuck with each other – and drinking wine is more fun as a pair…

Firstly thank you to Avon books for approving my request to read on netgalley.

I really enjoyed Nicolas debut so was looking forward to reading this.

Sibling rivalry and long time resentment have come to a head now the sisters mum has died. Will they be able to work together in these difficult times?

A story of loss,secrets, family and new beginnings.

Its packed with humour and warmth this is a great read. Its relatable as im sure each of us has family they havnt always seen eye to eye with.

Published 3rd September

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