Nancy, Eleanor and Mary met at college and have been friends ever since, through marriages, children and love affairs.Nancy married her college sweetheart and is now missing that excitement of her youth.Eleanor put her career above all else and hasn’t looked back, despite her soft spot for Nancy’s husband.Mary fell pregnant far too young and is now coping with three children and a mentally unwell husband.But when Nancy is killed, Eleanor and Mary must align themselves to uncover her killer. And as each of their stories unfold, they realise that there are many different truths to find, and many different ways to bring justice for those we love…Everyone wants a perfect life. But there is no such thing…Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review on netgalley. This is new author to me but one ive heard a lot of praise over.This kicks off with a murder and suspicions running wild as to who killed her.This analyses what on paper appears perfect lives,perfect relationships and friendship. But cracks are there if you look hard enough.Fast paced and excellently written to keep you hooked.Things are not all that they seem and even the closest of friends have secrets from each other.Scandalous and real .This is a great book and highly recommend. Published 4th August

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