Welcome to The Close – a beautiful street of mansions, where gorgeous Stella is the indisputable Queen Bee . . .

Moving into The Close, all Laura wants is peace and privacy.

But resident Queen Bee Stella is suspicious, fearing Laura has designs for her fiancé, Al.

So when Laura stumbles on Al’s big secret, Stella’s perfectly controlled world falls apart. As the two women take a chance on beating Al at his own twisted game, these former strangers are fast becoming best friends.

But has Laura forgotten that revenge never comes without a sting in the tail?

Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for approving my request to read on netgalley. Im a big fan of Jane’s books.
This explores the dynamics of female friendships and the complexity of them.

It felt like getting a glimpse into how the other half live …

Toxic friendships and wealthy families. Its a real eye opener for Laura who is after normality for herself and her daughter.

This is packed with wit and a real treat to read.

Janes writing is alway able to pull you in and have you hooked till the end.

Relatable and you find yourself connecting to the characters and cheering them on.

No doubt this will fly off the shelves this summer.

Published July 9th.

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