It all started with one little lie . . .

Jane and Marnie have been inseparable since they were eleven years old. They have a lot in common. In their early twenties they both fell in love and married handsome young men.

But Jane never liked Marnie’s husband. He was always so loud and obnoxious, so much larger than life. Which is rather ironic now, of course.

Because if Jane had been honest – if she hadn’t lied – then perhaps her best friend’s husband might still be alive . . .

This is Jane’s opportunity to tell the truth, the question is:
Do you believe her

This is a debut novel that has been high on my radar of must reads of 2020. It didnt dissapoint.

A story on friendship,love,loss and toxic obsession to add to the mix.

A completely unreliable narrator that you cant help but relate to in some ways.

You can sense the suffocation and claustrophobia of their friendship .

Brilliantly written ,unpredictable and chilling.

Highly recommend for fans of the girl on the train .

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