She’s got your job. She wants your life…

At first Katherine dismisses her early-twenties intern as a millennial ‘snowflake’: entitled, moralistic, soft. Yet as Lily’s youth and beauty increasingly remind Katherine of everything she once had, she begins to develop a dark fascination with her new colleague.

But is Lily as perfect as she seems, or does she have a sinister hidden agenda? As Katherine is drawn into an obsessive power struggle with the intern, a disturbing picture emerges of two women hiding dark secrets – and who are desperate enough to do anything to come out on top…

Well well i have been eyeing this proof up for months! Its hot pink and just was screaming to be read. So i was ecstatic to not only meet the author, listen to her pitch about her book but get a copy!

Today in between doing what needed doing i devoured this and now im lost to how to articulate my thoughts.

It was insanely good and i guarantee this will be huge and everywhere!

It reels you in instantly.

She does not mess about when it comes to toxic femake relationships. This had it all.

I was almost scared at some points but had to carry on.

This blew me away.

Thought provoking,shocking and a head fuck.

We have all been in some tricky situations but this just amplified it and was a amazing intoxicating journey of emotions .

Just wow!

You think you know where its going then boom…

I cant wait to see what she writes mect but take my word this is the debut thriller you didnt know you needed.

Published 11th June

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