All families have secrets, don’t they?

89-year-old Jeannette never meant to keep the truth from her family. But when a near fatal fall sends her to live with her granddaughter Amy, she finds herself revisiting a past that’s been hidden for too many years.

Amy, however, has always been good at keeping secrets. When ex-partner Nick shows up, she’s forced to admit that some things just can’t stay hidden forever.

Judith is starting from scratch – again. The master of reinvention, Amy’s mother has been seeking happiness in all the wrong places. This time though, she might just find it a lot closer to home than she ever believed she would…

As Jeannette’s 90th birthday party approaches, all three women discover they have more in common than they first thought, and the secrets from the past may be the key to unlocking the future.

Three women. Three generations. One legacy they all share…

Firstly a big thank you to Alainna for my copy and having me on the tour. As a single parent myself i jumped at the chance to review this.This was the winning entry for Gingerbread competition, who are a charity for single parents.

I loved it and its a amazing debut. History and nostalgic moments weave through the pages as we are taken back in time. Narrated at different eras and by different women of the families . Both mothers and both single mums.It is full of strong women, courage,bravery and love.The ex wasn’t a nice guy and i can relate with that!

It would be interesting to follow up with these characters and i think thats the sign of a good read when you connect to the storyline and the characters.

Published 20th February and do check out the blogs taking part.Also good luck with this and for more future books!