When her child was taken what did she really see? A bestselling true crime writer, Nell Way tells other people’s stories. But there is one story Nell won’t tell. Ten years ago and with a different name, she was a teenage mother with a four-year-old she found desperately hard to love. Then the little girl disappeared, and Nell has never shaken off the shadow of suspicion. As she begins to interview the subject of her next book – a woman convicted of murdering her twin sister – it becomes clear that someone has uncovered her true identity. And they know that Nell didn’t tell the truth about the day her daughter disappeared…

Firstly a huge thank you to Miranda at viper books for the copy to review. This was part of a goody bag full of proofs as viper is a exciting new imprint .

This was the first book i chose to read from my selection and boy it was a good choice.

What a amazing read! I was hooked instantly.

This spoke to the psychologist in me but also someone whos had a tough childhood.

Fast paced you will race through to discover the truth.or should that be truths..

Exploring complex dynamics of family and ones that dont quite fit the norm.

This ticked so many boxes for me.

Thrilling and exciting.

This makes me want to jump on the other viper books i have!

Published March 5th.

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