On 21st September 2001 the mutilated torso of a small child was found floating beside London s Tower Bridge, one tide away from being swept into the North Sea.

Unable to identify the victim, the Murder Squad turned to Richard Hoskins, a young professor of theology with a profound understanding of African tribal religion, whose own past was scarred by a heartbreaking tragedy. Thus began a journey into the tangled undergrowth of one of the most notorious murder cases of recent years; a journey which would reveal not only the identity of the boy they called Adam but the horrific truth that a succession of innocent children have been ritually sacrificed in our capital city.

Insightful and grippingly written, The Boy in the River is an inside account of a series of extraordinary criminal investigations and a compelling personal quest into the dark heart of humanity.

I picked this up by chance in my library and wow it deserved to be reviewed. What a fascinating intersting insightful read.

I whizzed through this and certainly felt more educated upon reading this.

Dealing with horrific cases of child abuse and murder this isnt a easy read but vital.

As a psychology student im interested in human behaviour, the why behind the action if indeed there is a explanation. I also am hooked on true crime so this was such a eye opener.

Richard also shares his own personal story too which adds even more to the book.

I tweeted Richard to show my thanks in the book and he said its being made into a film.

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