Beth Brandon always dreamed of owning a florist, but today the bouquets of peonies and bright spring flowers are failing to calm her nerves. Because today, Beth has a life-changing decision to share with her husband.

Izzy Vaughan thought she and her husband would stay together forever, but sometime last year, their love began to fade. They both find such joy in their young son Noah – but is he enough to keep them together?

Eight years ago, something happened to these two women. Something that is about to bring them together in a way no-one thought possible…

I am a huge fan of Danis books and am delighted to be on the blog tour . Below is a extract from her new book which i cant wait to read.

Published 14th November and do check out the other blogs taking part in the tour.

I hadn’t expected that Tim’s illness and battle to survive would alter my parents’
plans. It had never been said – in fact, it had been actively denied many times – but
everyone knew the real reason my parents had never emigrated. I was the reason. And
the guilt of that weighed down heavily on me. Karen had two adorable children whose
growing-up was being watched at a distance by their grandparents, and nothing
anyone could do or say was ever going to make me feel better about robbing them of
that. Except, perhaps, by giving them a third grandchild – one that no one was
A chorus of kookaburras chirruped noisily from a tree behind Karen as seven-year-
old Aaron edged his face before the camera.
‘Are you coming to see us soon, Auntie Beth?’ Aaron asked, his question a
serpent’s lisp owing to the absence of his front teeth.
‘Nice one,’ I said to his mother over the top of my nephew’s tousled blond curls.
‘Clever change of tactic.’ She knew better than anyone how much I loved her two
little boys.
Karen answered with a grin that even I could see was identical to my own. ‘I
figured he’d be harder to disappoint,’ she said, dropping a reward kiss onto her son’s
‘We’ve been through this a thousand times before. You know I can’t just shut up
the shop and take off.’
‘I thought that’s why you hired your wonder woman assistant.’
My smile felt suddenly strained. For a moment, I came perilously close to letting
Karen in on my secret. Very little shocked my big sister, but I bet if I said: Actually, I
hired Natalie so she’d be able to look after the shop while I have a baby, I could wipe
that knowing look clean off her face. But I wasn’t about to say that. Not yet. Call it
superstitious, but it felt too much like counting your chickens before they’ve hatched,
or the IVF equivalent: counting your embryos before they’ve thawed.
Luckily, a noise somewhere off-screen distracted Karen, and she glanced towards
it with a small frown. ‘Uh-oh. Sounds like Josh has just woken up. I thought we’d be
safe for another twenty minutes. Sorry, hon. I’m gonna have to cut this one short.’
‘Give him a big kiss from me,’ I said, waggling my fingers at the screen. ‘We’ll
chat again next week.’

Karen’s eyebrows drew together to form a single blonde line. She was much fairer
than me, and seven years in the New South Wales sunshine made her look like a
native Aussie.
‘You sure everything’s okay, Bethie? You sound kind of…preoccupied.’
How did she do that, even from the other side of the world? How did she see
through the distortion of pixels and look straight into my heart? Out of sight of my
laptop screen I crossed my fingers like a child, to cancel out the lie.
‘I’m absolutely fine. Stop worrying.’

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