For fans of Dolly Alderton, Holly Bourne and Fleabag, this is a fun, fresh romcom that will have you laughing in recognition and yelling in solidarity.

Straight-laced Jean has always done what’s expected of her.

Her traditional parents want Jean to be in a relationship which will distract them from the shamble of their own marriage. She is at the beck and call of her demonic boss who is constantly yelling at her to sort out the clusterf**ks left by grown men. And her overgrown baby of a boyfriend, Charlie has just heckled her friend’s wedding and set fire to the marquee. Jean keeps cleaning up other people’s messes.

Until now.

Taking her life into her own hands, she decides to do stand up to her boss, her parents and do something that takes her out of her comfort zone. She will be a woman heels-over-head, and not head-over-heels, in love. After Jean dumps Charlie, she meets married-but-open pianist Gabriel and decides to explores all that modern romance has to offer… but can relationships last without entangled hearts being broken?

Jean is about to find out.

Featuring an unforgettable cast of characters, this novel is an homage to female-friendship, empowerment and love, which will have you laughing-out-loud and rooting for Jean all the way.

Firstly a big thanks to trapeze for my copy to review. This sounded a real tonic to read.

Its modern,fun and fresh . Sexy,naughty and hilarious!

This had me literally lol on the train, i could relate to Jean so much.

Shes fed up and wakes up to realisation shes not happy. Rather than carry on moaning she does something about it. Steps out of her comfort zone and embraces the new her.

There are funny moments but also endearing ones..but more importantly there are lot of wtf moments.

She starts to realise her worth and wont accept anything less than she deserves. .. and i think we all need to embrace that attitude.

Highly recommend especially if you need a pick me up book that will have you cackling !

A unique love story that feels so culturaly relevant in 2019.

Published 11th July

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