Ponden Hall is a centuries-old house on the Yorkshire moors, a magical place full of stories. It’s also where Trudy Heaton grew up. And where she ran away from…

Now, after the devastating loss of her husband, she is returning home with her young son, Will, who refuses to believe his father is dead.

While Trudy tries to do her best for her son, she must also attempt to build bridges with her eccentric mother. And then there is the Hall itself: fallen into disrepair but generations of lives and loves still echo in its shadows, sometimes even reaching out to the present…

Firstly a huge thank you to the publishers for my copy to read and review . Even the proof was stunning so i can only imagine the beauty of the finished copies on the bookshelves.

Rowan has a special place in my heart and in my love of books . One of her books was the first i reviewed in 2014… wheres that time gone. She also wrote to my daughter and her words meant a lot . Her writing and books remind us booklovers why we will always have books. I am yet to meet her and i may be quite excited/nervoud when i do…

Anyway back to the book…

Rowan has written another love story with a twist she isn’t scared to break down the walls of genres.

I whizzed through this and its breathtakingly beautiful.

Unique and original there will be no other book like it to read this summer.

Dark and chilling in some parts . Light and uplifting in others.

Packed with history and charactar this was my first encounter with the world of the bronte sisters.

Rowan has injected her passion and love of a subject into this story so magically.

A story of love ,loss ,secrets and family.

Absolutly loved it and thank you Rowan for the words and worlds you create for all us bookworms. I wish this every success.

Published 8th August

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