Emily Jacobs wakes up in the night after a minor operation, woozy with anaesthetic. She sees the doctor frantically trying to resuscitate the woman in the bed next to her.
In the morning, she is told that she must have had a nightmare.
That the bed has been empty all along . . .
When Emily returns to her work as a nurse, she discovers a bracelet that she believes belonged to the missing woman. She becomes convinced the people at the hospital are hiding a terrible secret.
What if she’s right?
What else could they be capable of?

Firstly thanks to zaffre books for my copy to review

This is a new author to me which is always exciting.

Set in a hospital and had a wealth of medical references which unless you know them was slighlty overwhelming.

Packed with secrets and mystery as we race to find the truth.

Loved how much emphasis on mental health there was as its so important to keep talking.

Twists and turns and you dont know who to trust.

Published 2nd may

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