A hostile relationship with her sister and a complicated past with her father’s second wife have kept Robin estranged from her family for many years. But when her father’s new family is attacked in their house, with her father and his wife in critical condition in the hospital, she returns home determined to put her experience as a therapist to use to help mend fences and care for her young stepsister, who survived the attack relatively unscathed. It looks like a random robbery gone awry, but as Robin spends more time with her family members, she learns they all had their secrets – and one of those secrets may have put them all in horrible danger.

Firstly a big thank you to Imogen for my copy to review.

Ive not read anything from this author before and as a blogger its always exciting to discover someone new.

This is a tale that weaves you into a complex family set up made even more complex by a devastating event.

Who is telling the truth and who is the enemy?

With as maby secrets as this family has its proving very difficult to unlock the truth.

Really enjoyed this and its very unpredictable.

Mysterious and a twisty thriller.

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