Anna Flores was just a child when her adored teenage sister disappeared.

Unable to deal with the pain, Anna took the first opportunity she had to run from her fractured family, eventually building a life for herself abroad.

Now, thirty years on, her mother has died, and Anna must return home to sort through her possessions.

In doing so, she has to confront the huge hole her sister’s disappearance left in their lives, leaving just one question unanswered: what really happened to Gabriella?

Because not knowing is worse than the truth.

Isn’t it?

Firstly a big thank you to Annabelle for my copy to review.

This is a debut novel and written very well.

The cover and title are bold and eye-catching.

Told in alternate timelines which i love in a book especially a mysterious thriller. This really keeps you on your toes and second guessing every character and their intentions

Packed with intrigue and secrets surronding the disappearance of Annas sister.

In order to uncover the truth she needd to go right back and it wont be essy .

Old faces memories and lies all come back to haunt her.

All families have difficulties and this family is no exception.

Unpredictable and gripping.

I look forwatd to reading more from Jenny.

Published 31st may

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