The new bestseller guaranteed to break your heart – and bring you joy…

Her three girls were her world. It was time to let them know.

To sisters Bea, Jeannie and Rose, the death of their beloved childhood nanny is a devastating loss. As the girls grew up, Nanny May had become so much more to them all: confidant, advocate, comforter, friend. In whom will they confide their hopes, fears and failures now she has gone? Especially now each sister needs a mother’s wisdom more than ever…

Martha cannot understand why her daughters are so upset about losing their childhood nanny. Yes, Martha was always in demand as a busy midwife, but that doesn’t mean she loved her own children any less. But why don’t the girls realise that? And has she left it too late to let them know…?

Firstly a big thank you to becky for my proof copy .

Ive always loved Emma’s books but this one means that bit more as she passed away earlier this year.

Her words felt that more special.

I Whizzed through it unable to put it down .

Great charactars you instantly connect with.

A family with more secrets than honesty come to a head when a bereavement happens.

All Strong women with their own minds .

Captures family stresses just right.

Excellent summer read and if you are new to Emmas books read her other ones in her honour.

Published 28th june.

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