It’s the end of the night. You’re walking home on your own.

Then you hear the sound every woman dreads. Footsteps. Behind you. Getting faster.

You’re sure it’s him – the man from the bar who wouldn’t leave you alone.

You make a snap decision. You turn. You push. Your pursuer tumbles down the steps. He lies motionless, face-down on the floor.

Now what?

Call 999
Wait for the police to arrive. For judgement, for justice, whatever that may be. You just hope your husband, family and friends, everyone you love, will stand by you.


Stay silent. You didn’t mean to do it. You were scared, you panicked. And no one saw. No one will ever know. If you leave now. If you keep quiet. For ever.

Which will it be?

I picked this up in Sainsbury’s this morning and knew within a few pages I was reading a winner.

Hours later and a long bath my mind is blown…this book is incredible!!

Read it!! Plus saying it right now this has tv /film written all over it .

This is a book that will make you question not only the situation, the characters actions but also yourself??

What would you do ?

Life is a result of choices we make and this book realistically and scarily represents this .

I was so embedded in Joannas life even I was feeling guilty and anxious !

This is Gillians second novel and while I enjoyed her debut…this is something else .

I cannot wait to read more from her and I wish her every success .

Addictive ,compelling and extremely thought provoking .

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